Apple not interested in launching iPhone Nano

And so it came to pass, that the iPhone Nano will never see the light of day. Our hopes of schoolchildren titting about with shiny touchscreen, easily-scratched handsets in the yard at break times are dashed.

Apple is ploughing through the mobile market like a fierce cow through custard, but they're just not interested in getting involved in cheap handsets. According to Electricpig, acting Apple CEO Tim Cook crushed the wet dreams of many a fanboy during a recent conference call, saying:

“You know us, we’re not going to play in the low-end voice phone business, that’s not who we are. That’s not why we’re here. We’ll let somebody do that, our goal is not to be the unit share leader in the phone industry. It is to build the best phone.”

Curse you, Cook [shakes fist in a skyward fashion]. Apple is all about new gadgets to dick about with, so you better have the MacBook tablet ready to launch by Autumn, or Jobs won't be the only one needing medical attention.


  • IhateApple
    I think they've missed a trick as I would never pay what they are charging for the current iPhone and they are limiting thier customer base by not making a smaller version.
  • Adam2050
    Making it smaller would be a silly idea.
  • Sprinc4
    @ihateapple - there not limiting there customer base. As Cook said, they have a market and thats what they will stay in. They dont want to make low end phones so people like you can buy them. There are plenty of other manufactuers out there doing that. Apple dont make cheap versions of the Macbooks or iMacs, and they wont be doing a cheap iPhone either.
  • Andy v.
    Good job, a nano phone would be a awful idea. They need to work on the touch screen mac!
  • Bob
    Thank God for that, can you imagine chavs with decent phones?
  • bestBuy
    I prefer the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music Mobile phone, as it has everything you need and is cheaper than Apples.
  • test
    @Sprinc4, I suspect that Apple may be RIP as there is no way people can afford their prices during this recession.
  • Rupert
    I got an iphone recently. I thought the tariff was reasonable, the phone was free and in my opinion it's the best phone on the market at the moment. I doubt Apple will hardly notice the recession.
  • Luke S.
    Yeah, the recession is somewhat overhyped. People are still spending money- especially those at the higher end of the market, where Apple lives. There's a reason iPods still flew off the shelves this Christmas, and it's not because they're low priced.
  • a
    apple are rip off merchants
  • a
    @Sprinc4 they hardly have a market share apart from the apple ipods in the phone world Nokia is KING
  • The B.
    Oh dear, the chavs and their cheapo phones are out in force again, don't look at them, it'll only encourage them. Those hoods don't make you hard you know, now shoo or you'll be late for signing on.
  • a
    @ The Real Bob your a real sad act! get a life mate
  • Dic W.
    Iphone nano is a poor idea, screen would be too small. Better off just making the current iphone thinner and with a better spec such as camera & hsdpa. They could also do with updating the iphone software so it could record videos, forward sms's and send picture messages.
  • Meekon
    Do any of you ever read? Apple is considered to be one of few companies that appear to be recession proof.
  • The B.
    Chavs don't read.
  • Matt B.
    @Sprinc4 "there not limiting there customer base. As Cook said, they have a market and thats what they will stay in." That's pretty much the dictionary definition of limiting your customer base. Whether or not that's a good thing is a matter of opinion. Personally, I think it's a smart call.
  • veedubjai
    Apple is fully aware & smart on what is the target market for the iPhone & will not be crazy enough to undersell themselves. Although Apple do not have the largest share of the mobile handset market but it was meant to be a niche product. It has the best largest multi-touch screen & UI friendly handset on the market. At the end of the day Apple is a business to generate revenue & they are good at making very nice shiny products that are of high quality that can withstand the time. Try asking Porche to make cheaper cars but at higher quality is just asking for trouble. When you buy quality, you expect nothing but the best that does not loses value. If everyone start getting Porche because it is cheap, what do you think of the resell value & depreciation would be? Apple is very genius in not just giving every possible up to date feature you can get on the 1st generation iPhone when it was first released. If they did that, would there be any point in buying the next 2nd generation iPhone. What would you expect Apple to release after the 1st & 2nd generation? They are simply trying to extend the product lifecycle of the iPhone to make more revenue. Remember Apple are still new to the game on the mobile handset market so they are always evolving on the products. But if they did officially release the iPhone Mini, the big question would be, what target market are they aiming for & what would be the price threshold to differenciate other mobile manufacturer handsets. Live by what you can afford, that is what I was brought up to stand by.
  • iamcorrect
    Proof that Apple is recessionproof
  • Republic B.
    rotten apple
  • AppleisS***
    @Republic Britain, I agree. I know someone who worked for them say its a horrible company to work for as they treat their employees like dirt.
  • Hummy
    Apple have posted profits at a time when so many other companies are failing. As other posters have commented, they aren't afraid to avoid the lowest common denominator and it works for them. This whole notion of a touch screen tablet, I don't know about that, why is there so much hope for such an item. Microsoft tried it and it never caught on, I think it's a very niche area to try and target.
  • paypalis W.
    apple aree con artists as veedubjai already said ... they are masters of conning you out of your money by not releasing the best fone or mac they can... they release it then after a while they release a better version that people wanna upgrade to. so the old 1's get sold on cheaper to the 'chavs' when people upgrade. they could quite easily of made a remobable battery for the ipods but they wanted it to have a certain lifespan so people had to buy another but they were caught out and got taken to court over it and subsequently had to offer people an option who already bought it. now they just hold back with the features and decent camera etc etc simple con artists and sub standard products for the money paid which is why i never have and never will put a single penny in their pockets i hope and pray apple is sunk over the next year or so although it wont happen anyway check out the cowon s9 mp3 player its fuckin amazing sound not quite as good ui as ipod but a better mp3 player by far and also the new touch screen sony walkmans again they could have a bigger screen but sound amazing
  • betelgeus
    2 words...ipod shuffle.they will strip anything down for money,if apple themselves deny it you know it will be on the shelves next month.a mini iphone on a £15 tarriff wouldnt undercut themselves as those who couldnt afford its big brother coudnt and those that could would.
  • Zzzzz
    iPhone is a beautiful piece of design but overall quite dull after using it for awhile. And Apple are just a fashionable rip off merchant that has very clever marketing. I am constantly amazed at how their customers are so quick to defend them. iPhone is overpriced for what it is - how can they share lock a device with so much potential?! I can See Nokia eating into them within a year after the n97 is released and thats coming from an anti-Nokia person such as me! Now the SOny X1 - Very cool - wish it were as smooth to operate as iPhone!
  • shabba
    The iphone may be expensive but it is the best at what it does!!
  • Jim
    "# Posted by iamcorrect | January 24th, 2009 at 11:57 am Proof that Apple is recessionproof" Only reason why the are bucking the trend is that most of their customer base are young adults with who are bought in to the 'conspicuous consumption' society that we live within. I personally think they are not worth the investment as I have seen far too many give up the ghost, not function properly (software glitches etc) or just a little to cumbersome for my own liking. Each to their own so I never run anyone down for owning one but they are not for me even if I would want to trim down what I carry (stylish mobile phone with MP3, Seperate MP3 player, laptop, manbag, the list goes on
  • tom t.
    Apple are expensive and always will be not the best value for money, or even close. But they make good stuff. touch screen imac? not sure about that, maybe as a laptop, otherwise youd be forever sticking your arms out for a start. @ article poster, very bad taste about steve jobs medical "joke", clearly you have never experienced anyone truly close to you having a serious illness. No need for the poor joke.
  • tom t.
    Furthermore to Paul Smith One day paul that joke might come back to haunt you, the guy had cancer for goodness sake. Making a joke about something like that is not right on any level.
  • veedubjai
    I believe in "What goes around, Comes around" for those who seriously talks about any type of cancer like that to someone. The only level on the right mind for anyone to talk about someone with cancer as a joke would have to be one who has no self-respect, absolute heart-less & plain ignorant.
  • Slopez
    Well! lets see in the first place I think that you all need a new job, then to criticize Apple products, or compare it with other products! you all really have too much time in you hands. Oh! and by the way to criticize or compare you need to have the products. I've try out other products but as you can read I haven't mention them, that's because thy suck!!. But I do think that Apple should re-think of making the iPhone Nano, it would be great for kids. My kids always loose there phone and I always and up getting them a new one, put if it was cheep I could buy them a iPhone Nano, instead-off one of those other brands. I never heard people who worked for Apple saying that thy had been treated horrible. You should try getting a job KNOW and bitch!!. Oh and Mr. AREE CON ARTISTS, are you one of those people how got out to diner and everyone has to pay for you! don't blame the Apple for your lack of money, get a better job!
  • jono
    Slopez, Proof read your response or get someone with a better job or education to do it for you.
  • New B.
    [...] Which is to say, not very much at all. For example, we know that Apple aren’t interested in launching an iPhone Nano, because despite the fact that they’d rip through the high-volume, low-cost handset market [...]
  • iPhone B.
    [...] been out of commission recently, ever since the iPhone Nano speculation was led round the back and shot through the head with a boltgun. Now attention has swung back to the iPhone proper, and what tweaks and tucks Apple may make to the [...]
  • Slopez
    Sorry that I didn't get too Mr. PHD, but you right I should have proof by info. But I'm not here for an English lesson. Apple! break the mould an do the iPone Nano, a 128GB iPhone and 256GB iPodTouch and call it day!! and lets not be tide down to anyone telephone network.
  • iPhone B.
    [...] mention the prospect of it, and Apple themselves have said the budget market is one they’ve no interest in launching a product [...]
  • Web M.
    I would like to have seen the iphone nano.

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