Apple looking at losing the headphone socket on the next iPhone?

apple There's a bunch of reports and rumours floating about, which suggest that Apple could be ditching the headphone socket on the iPhone 7, so they can make it thinner than the current crop.

While that seems like a nonsense, the idea is that you'll plug your headphones into the lightning port, rather than sticking it in the usual hole. Not much cop if you want to rig your phone up to someone's aux cord or what have you.

This also means that the new headphone system would see your 'phones able to draw power, and open specific apps and the like. Sounds a bit far-fetched to us, but this is Apple and they own Beats, which means they could ensure that every time you wanted to listen to music, you'd have to buy their products... and that sounds like a very Apple move indeed.

If you wanted to use traditional headphones, then again, Apple would no doubt be on hand to sell you an adapter,

The rumour has come from MacOtakara, who haven't exactly been great for leaks and rumours in the past, however, if Apple are trying to make even thinner phones, one stumbling block is the size of a headphone socket, which you can't really make slimmer. That said, we could be moving toward wireless headphones, which opens up a world of slimmer, lighter gadgets.

It is thought that Apple will be releasing a new phone next September, so we'll have to wait and see.

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