Apple follow groovy judge's orders with begrudging apology...

Remember when the groovy judge told Apple that Samsung could carry on competing against them with their Galaxy 10, adding that it wasn’t as ‘cool’ as the iPad?

He also ordered that Apple put his findings on their website and they have finally obliged.

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It’s hardly a gushing confession that Apple’s legal eagles were wrong to take on the might of Samsung and reads very much like the words of a naughty boy who has been ordered to apologise in front of the whole school after taking a dump in the corner of the dinner hall.


  • Ian
    It's not an apology at all, look at the closing sentence "other courts have recognised that in the course of creating its Galaxy tablet, Samsung willfully copied Apple's far more popular iPad." They've not-at-all-subtly turned the apology they were forced to make into another attack on Samsung. Be interesting to find out what the judge in question thinks of their "apology". Maybe it's time they realised they don't own the copyright on round-cornered oblongs, and stopped being so pathetic and spiteful.
  • Jesus
    Honestly Apple, just accept that the tablet shape is not yours and yours alone! Apologise like a proper company would instead of in a spiteful "yeah but we are still right and waaaay better" childish dickhead kind of way. They are like a spoilt child, who was raised being told he was the best at everything, then, he went to college and found out some other guys are way better at fucking than he is. And now he is jealous of this. Get a grip. Theyr
  • Alexis
    It follows the order of the court to the letter. If the court are going to order the posting of a vague bit of information instead of precise text, they can't be surprised when something like this appears.
  • Simon
    I think Apple will now sue Sky tv because the other day it alleged that "start trek - the next generation" invented tablets (along with mobile phones and GPS's and then proceded to show vids of them in use) in one of their cheesy adverts on pick tv. But we know this is not true because Apple invents everything.
  • shiftynifty
    Simon....your so right
  • lumoruk trek made them first, fact.

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