Apple dodges lawsuit over vanishing messages

rotten apple Apple won't be getting busted over the cock-up that saw people's messages disappearing on iMessage when users switched from iOS to Android.

The iCompany were victorious in a ruling that means they won't have to get their nice suits ready for court, after a lawsuit was levelled at them over their messaging platform.

In case you don't remember, Adrienne Moore filed a complaint after she went from an iPhone 4 to an Android-powered Samsung. She discovered that her messages from her iPhone having pals weren't being delivered. This, of course, warranted legal action.

Anyway, according to the group, if you choose to leave Apple's system, you'd find yourselves "penalized and unable to obtain the full benefits of their wireless-service contracts." However, District Judge Lucy H. Koh wasn't having any of it and said that the case can't proceed as a group lawsuit, because she was unable to determine "whether iMessage actually caused the proposed class members to suffer any interference."

So basically, the ruling doesn't say that Apple haven't ballsed-up, but rather, there's not really any evidence to suggest that this actually affected each member of this lawsuit in the way it was described.

All-in-all, this means that Apple won't have to keep coughing-up for legal costs of another lawsuit. Not that they're short of a bob or two, but y'know, a result is a result.

Of course, Apple have had other issues with their messaging service, with the most recent being that certain combinations of characters would see iPhone's crashing.

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