Apple banned from selling iPhone in China

21 June 2016
Apple banned from selling iPhone in China

Apple have been told that they are going to have to suspend sales of two versions of the iPhone 6 in Beijing, because they are too similar to one of their competitor's devices.

That'll stick in the craw of Apple, who have taken lots of people to court in America, over this very thing.

The order by an intellectual property tribunal said the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have infringed a design patent for the 100C model made by Shenzhen Baili, which is a small Chinese brand you may not have heard of.

This is the latest kick in the pants for Apple, after they were asked by regulators to suspend iBooks and iTunes Movies services back in April.

The following month, a court said that a Chinese company would be allowed to use the iPhone trademark on bags, wallets and other products.

This is a comparison of the phones in question.

As China is considered to be something of a goldmine and an 'emerging' market for mobile makers, this news is going to be very irritating to say the least, for Apple.

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  • Scooby252

    disgusting yet China are allowed to make fake iPhones why are they not in trouble , sounds like double standards 

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