Apple ban iPhone game featuring suicidal smartphone factory workers

Who says the app-approving drones at Apple have no sense of humour? What’s that? Everyone says it? Oh, right.

The latest example of their promotion of a smooth, hairless idea of popular culture comes with the fact that they have removed a satirical iPhone game called Phone Story from their App Store? The reason – the purpose of the game was to shine a light on the ‘troubling supply chain’ behind all of the modern smartphones that we know and love so much.

Phone Story is made up of four mini-games – in one of them, workers are seen leaping from a factory building, just like some of them do at the Foxconn factory where Apple gizmos and gadgets are made. Elsewhere, the player has to oversee underage miners as well as sell smartphones with a pear logo on them. Curious stuff – what can it all mean?


Paolo Pedercini of the game’s developer Molleindustria says that Apple rejected the game for four reasons, including the flouting of guidelines relating charities and contributions along with depictions of “violence or abuse of children” and “excessively objectionable or crude content” – no mention of “we don’t like having the piss taken out of us in games that we then sell ourselves”.

Funny that. Pedercini does not expect any resubmitted version of Phone Story to make it into the App Store.


  • Bobb
    So when is this out on Cydia?
  • Danny
    Still available on the Android market

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