Apple axing apps that collect your personal data

apple Apple are giving the boot to a number of apps that collect personal data, which are in violation of the company's privacy policies. They made the announcement after they found hundreds of applications using Chinese ad-software that extracts "personally identifiable user information."

"We've identified a group of apps that are using a third-party advertising SDK (software development kit), developed by Youmi, a mobile advertising provider, that... gather private information, such as user email addresses and device identifiers, and route data to its company server," said Apple.

"This is a violation of our security and privacy guidelines. The apps using Youmi's SDK will be removed from the App Store and any new apps submitted to the App Store using this SDK will be rejected."

"We are working closely with developers to help them get updated versions of their apps that are safe for customers and in compliance with our guidelines back in the App Store quickly."

Of course, Apple aren't getting rid of all companies who collect personal data on iPhone users, or they'd have to get rid of Google, Facebook and of course, themselves.

Anyway, the company don't allow third-party apps to share data about a user without obtaining the users' explicit permission. That means they reject apps that require users to share personal ID like your email address or your birth date. Apple's researchers found 256 apps (which had been downloaded a million times, give or take) that had the version of Youmi which violates user privacy.

So there.

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    How ironic!!

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