Apple approves Spotify app for iPhone - goodnight iTunes?

As surprises go, it's right up there with the John Thomas scene in The Crying Game. Apple have approved the Spotify iPhone app, even though it threatens to blow iTunes out the water. The app will allow users to sync their iPhone with their Spotify desktop app, allowing them to listen to their own playlists chosen from millions of titles available through Spotify.

The most controversial function of the app is that it allows users to cache full playlists offline, so that several thousand songs can be stored on the iPhone and listened to at any time. Who needs iTunes anymore?

Regardless, tonight PaidContent:UK reports that an Apple spokesperson has said:

“The current status as of right now is it’s been approved and we hope to add the app to the more than 65,000 apps on the app store very soon. We’ve been in constant communication working with the developer and have already notified Spotify that the app will be in the app store very soon.”

While this rather exciting news for music fans (which is free to premium Spotify users who pay £10 a month subscription) we'll reserve judgement until we see the app. It's taken a month for Apple to make their minds up about the app, which isn't the norm since most apps are cleared within a fortnight of submission. And for Apple to be in "constant communication" with Spotify during the approval process is very unusual - Apple rarely, if ever contact developers until they approve or reject the app.

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  • Rob
    YESS! This is AMAZING news! I'm genuinely the happiest I've been in years!
  • jeff
    I'm not, as they should be busy releasing it for windows mobile. Cunts.
  • Mr S.
    Is the iPhone's dataplan one of those with the 250MB 'fair use' limit? If so I foresee some problems arising if anyone wants to download more than say, 3 songs a day...
  • Nookster
    That's what Wi-Fi is for.
  • jeff
    Win-Fi, as I like to call it...
  • Nathan
    I've just started to archive all my iTunes music to a external HDD, won't be needing them anymore now this is out!
  • Absolute W.
    When is it released?
  • Brian
    Interesting article (for proud iPhone owner's like myself), but i was looking for NEW gratuitous adult swearing words, not even one in this post...must be a first for BW editors.
  • Paul S.
    It's due in the App Store in the next couple of days by all accounts. It also appears that it will be as submitted, with the full offline capability as originally planned.
  • Mark P.
    Shame the free ad supported version isn't available though.
  • Paul S.
    If you promised to buy a product advertised once a week, it probably would be.
  • Mookie
    Well I certainly will NOT be paying £10 a month to stream music, hell no. If I could keep the music and listen offline, yes. Streaming, pfft no way.
  • Dan
    @Mookie Spotify will cache a large portion of the music you have listened to and the music on your playlists, therefore this will be available when you've got no internet connection. My only issue is the same old iPhone app issue. It can't run in the background, so it really limits usage.
  • Aran
    @Dan I think that's why it got published in the first place. But also the main reason I won't be buying it
  • TV's B.
    @dan - if you are jailbroken, you can use an awesome program called backgrounder for running apps in the background. since version 3.0, its usage is limited to holding the home button when in an app, until "backgrounding enabled" appears. In previous versions (and due to be added back soon), you could set apps to automatically be background apps on launch.
  • Mewling P.
    Waiting patiently to get this on winmo devices. Good news for iPhone users though, as spotify is the bollocks!
  • Mewling P.
    Shit - that was a regular and ono-unruly comment. I meant to say "You're all a bunch of faggots for even commenting on this. People who post comments are all knobs." That's better.
  • Robert
    I'll be very interested in seeing how the 'offline' mode work
  • Paul S.
    Robert - there's a review with lots of lovely screenshots here: By all the accounts, the app will be as it was submitted, meaning you can sync all your playlists for offline use - up to (on average) 3,333 tracks. The only limitation is that it can't be done over 3G.
  • Jessica M.
    YESS! This is AMAZING news! I’m genuinely the happiest I’ve been in years!
  • Jessica M.
    Looks great. Quick question - does the app run in the background? i.e. can I listen to music via Spotify whilst browsing the web or checking my email?
  • Friday B.
    [...] the good news for iPhone loving music chums is that the Spotify app has now been approved by Apple and will be available in the App Store shortly. This means you’ll be able to compile [...]
  • Mewling P.
    @Jessica Magert I just read your article on prototype. Does your writing style? It's the BMW and it does come with. Where the fuck did you learn to write??? Examples... "...BMW has optimized electric motors from a purely sport. " A purely sport what? "With that said, BMW has focused on the sport does not mean that consumption will remain in the background." Are there words missing, or are you just shit? PLEASE tell me that this is a crappy hobby of yours, and not your day job. There's something seriously wrong with the matrix if you get paid for that crap! Nice car though, but BMW said that sport.
  • Free P.
    Thanks for the info... RSS feed added
  • Peit M.
    Yeh it is a pitty Apple do not allow applications to run in the background (except for there application) They say this is for quality control, but i reckon it might be for consumer control. I found another cool tutorial that could be usefull for some.
  • ChickenGhosts
    Great place you have here. I'll be coming back often :)
  • Hd W.
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