Apple ad for iPhone banned for misleading viewers

How fast is your iPhone when surfing? Is it like watching lightning strike your hand, such is the speed and dazzling intensity of page loading times? Or is it more like observing a cow laying a lazy pat into your palm? Yes, it's the same for us. Feel misled by claims of blinding 3G speeds? You're not the only one.

One of Apple's television adverts for the iPhone advert has been banned by the ASA for exaggerating the speed of the handset's connection. Bombarding the viewer Malcolm Macdowell-style with the phrase "really fast", the ad showed pages loaded near instantly. Those of us in the real world wondered whether we'd bought the wrong handset.

17 people complained to the ASA, saying the advert had misled them as to its speed. Apple UK defended the ad, saying it was comparing the 3G model with its 2G predecessor and the claims were "relative not absolute" and that the average consumer would realise the phone's performance would "vary by location", which they state in the ad. Where then, we wonder, do you have to live for the iPhone to enjoy such a magnificent connection?

The ASA clearly couldn't think of anywhere either, and so banned the ad. To be fair, we haven't any real issue with the download times, but if Apple are going to show the handset doing one thing on the telly when it does something entirely different in real life, of course people will complain. Instead of amending the ad, hopefully Apple will amend the iPhone.

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