Apple about to launch TWO new iPhones? Erm, no actually.

apple store pony

All of this turned out to be BULLSHIT. More later...

With the official launch event less than an hour away, The Guardian are reporting that two new iPhone models are coming, with the phones available instore from Friday October 14th.

A source from one of the UK mobile networks said: “All we know is, there will be two devices, we will put our pricing in to Apple as soon as Tim Cook goes on stage, and we hope to get agreement to announce prices on Thursday.”

The new phones are believed to be an all-new iPhone 5 and an updated iPhone 4S, a cheaper model aimed at battling with Android handsets. Rumours are also abound that Carphone Warehouse have done a deal with Apple and will be selling unlocked iPhones from the off.

More info about the actual phones can be expected when Apple’s Tim Cook takes to the stage in his special cape from 6pm*.

(*Cook may not be wearing a cape).


  • Boris J.
    Only two new phones? They're not going to last long with the Apple-teenies already in line. They could probably sell hundreds if they could be bothered making them. Exclusive tossers.
  • Wonky H.
    "Oh, sorry, Simpson: you'll have to do the course again. I was trying to get this, er, Magic Eye thing to work. Aw, look at that! Heh, a pony."
  • Phil
    Does this mean we get to laugh at iDiots queuing up overnight unable to breath without the latest shiny shiny...
  • JohnJ
    If some Applets bought BOTH new iPhones would that make a pear? (sorry - couldn't resist). The pricing would be interesting - a little bit of general Android and Kindle-Fire-itis creeping in I think. Now - if I could link the Kindle Fire via WiFi to a 3G dongle.........
  • Brad
    Fair play bitterwallet, Apple take a massive shit on everyone by bring out.....iPhone 4.2
  • Tweedskin
    @JohnJ You can with an Android. I tether my laptop to it via wifi and use the phone's 3G.
  • Skymarshall
  • Codify
    "All of this turned out to be BULLSHIT" That should be the new BitterWallet tagline. Much better than "Thank you for your custom"
  • Mark
    It's all BULLSHIT, but I'm sure loads of people will still rush out to buy it and rave about the great new Iphone features that Android has had for ages. Bunch of twats......
  • Crumpet
    Pop out today and but an iPhone 6. It's called the HTC Titan.
  • Avon B.
    @ Crumpet A Windows Phone? Perhaps you can put it next to your Betamax and HD-DVD player?
  • Steve
    PISSFLAPS! Sorry. Damn Tourette's...
  • You
    @Avon Barksdale Yeah im with you; Hes going to look proper silly when the networks stop sending calls and texts to Windows phones.

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