Anger at O2 and Tesco mobile fails

mobile Are you a customer with O2 or Tesco Mobile? Have you found yourself spitting feathers and furious because your signal dropped out? How on Earth are you supposed to text people to tell them that you're just havin a glass of wine more like a bottle lol or that you're stayin in 2nite lol?

Well, customers across the country have been livid with O2 and Tesco Mobile, as they were without signal for most of bank holiday Monday, and as such, both companies have said sorry and that they're trying to fix it all up.

Of course, people aren't having any of it and over on Twitter, one Tesco mobile user spat: "Please cancel my contract. I've had enough of the bad signal problem. Three hours with no signal is a joke!" while another was not at all impressed when O2 told them that, to fix them problem, they should 'turn it off and on again', which was referred to as a "shambolic" reply.

It seems that this problem is something to do with technical faults with phone masts.

An O2 spokesperson tweeted: "We’re aware of isolated instances where some customers have intermittent access to our service. We’re investigating and will update ASAP."

Tesco Mobile added: "We understand some customers are experiencing difficulties; we're really sorry & are working hard to get this fixed."

So where is the problem at now? Well, neither company has said when things will be fixed, but you can expect that, at some point, everything will just be back to the usual service without any fanfare.


  • elaine t.
    Can I thank tesco as they I did on bank holiday have no problems with there service all was ok xx
  • Ian
    @Elaine Did you write that reply with your arse?
  • Kerry J.
    I'm with o2 and I lost signal over most of the bank holiday.its disgusting I couldn't ring or receive calls or getting tired of the drop in signal as its happened a few times I'm really considering changing my network provider.
  • Claire
    I'm on o2 and had no signal for over 8 hours yesterday. o2 are a complete joke of a company. They are useless, unhelpful and rude. By far the worst network there is. They sent me a faulty mobile for my 2 year contract and refused to replace it, so I constantly have to send it away to be fixed (at my expense and inconvenience) Will most definitely be changing network when this contract is finished.
  • adele
    I am with O2 and never have a problem with my signal must be one of the lucky ones thank god
  • tin
    "It seems that this problem is something to do with technical faults with phone masts" well I'm glad that's all cleared up.
  • Inspector G.
    Blimey, don't people get their knickers in a twist because 3 hours of no phone signal. I shudder to think how we'd cope if rationing was ever introduced again.
  • brookstreetboyo
    Omigod! For almost two hours I couldn't msg ma peeps or look at funny gifs of cats or have an argument with a complete stranger. This country is SO finished.
  • Liam42
    I was with t-mobile for about ten years - a shocking company to deal with whose customer service is non existent - but you get a good strong signal everywhere, I left and went to Tesco (O2) and wish I hadn't, it appears that O2 have virtually no working masts anywhere, I changed my whole family over and everyone hates me now, I've yet to see this fabled 4g I signed up for and the kids dont get any signal when out and about - they have to wait to come home and use the wireless - after my 2 years is up I'll bite the bullet an go back to EE - at least I'll have a signal wherever I go - and yep all our phones went out on Monday - but not before I accused My oldest of faking it to avoid me as his went out first - O2 have a long way to go if they want to keep customers
  • Raggedy
    To save yourselves the hassle and stress of changing to a network where the signal isn't as good as you're used to, try this simple and amazing trick handed down through generations of itinerant peasant farm workers. Buy a Pay-As-You-Go SIM from Poundland and test it out. I quite enjoyed the quiet weekend. :-)
  • Jessie J.
    As O2 say 'be more dog'. Just lay on the sofa all day licking your own arse.
  • How A.
    [...] Anger at O2 and Tesco mobile fails – one Tesco mobile user spat: “Please cancel my contract. I’ve had enough of the bad signal problem. Three hours with no signal is a joke!” while another was not at all impressed when O2 told them that, to fix them problem, they should ’turn it off … [...]

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