Android to release one-handed keyboard

One Handed Keyboard

Larger smartphones can make it a bit difficult to message someone one-handed. If your mind is well and truly in the gutter, congratulations, your thoughts went to exactly the same place as Bitterwallet's.

Either way, Android want to make it easier for people to text and send messages with one hand, so Google are launching the 5.0 version of their official keyboard.

Of course, there's other keyboards available that already offer a solution for this, such as Word Flow.

Unperturbed, Google are dishing out their own, rolling it out gradually through the Google Play store.

If you want the one-handed mode, you'll press and hold on the comma key, and then you'll see a one-handed icon next to the gear symbol. Then, your keyboard will reduce in size and you can choose whether you're right or left handed.

Great news for those who like to sext, or indeed, those who drive and text at the same time (both irresponsible, obviously, but we're not here to judge you as we're not your real dad).

The new Google Keyboard update has other new features too, such as adjustable keyboard height, and new gesture controls such as the one where you can delete words with a swipe left from delete key. As emoji rule the world, there's also quicker access to those too.

Either way, the Android keyboard is going to be customisable, as Google aim to get people using theirs, instead of those from rivals, which have been taken up keenly by Android users.

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