Android peel the wrapper on Kit Kat

android_kit_kat Google has finally gone and released Kit Kat - the latest version of Android and the new Nexus 5 mobile will be the first device to have it.

So what's new about Android 4.4? Well, basically, it can multitask much faster than previous outings and it also has full voice control (which no-one really uses, but still). One neat thing is that it will use a new caller ID system, so if you don't know the number calling you, it will guess who it is by using the businesses listed in Google search or Maps.

There's also going to be Google Cloud Print, so you can print things off directly from your handset and there'll be Quickoffice, which is designed to kill Microsoft Word. Everything will have had a facelift too.

As for the new Nexus, that's been causing a stir and looks to be a very promising handset. Slim, fast, light and loads of battery time. It also comes in black or white, so Google aren't looking at going all children's dessert menu unlike Motorola and Apple.

Still feels a bit weird having your OS sponsored by a company though, regardless of how good the whole thing is...

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