Android more reliable than Apple

apple-android According to a report, if you want an experience on your phone that you'd call 'stable', then it isn't an iPhone you should hanker after. Turns out that the most sturdy system is on the Android, with less reported app crashes than iOS.

Apple fanboys will be further irritated (or indeed, quick to point out the minutiae of why this report is wrong) that the most stable phone you can buy is a Samsung Galaxy S4.

Performance monitoring company, Crittercism, researched their 1 billion active participants to reach these findings and, while Android apps crashed 1.7% of the time on Gingerbread on average, Google's OS beats iOS overall.

Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and KitKat have a crash rate of around 0.7% compared to iOS 6, 7, and 7.1 which have an average crash rate of 1.23%. iOS 6 crashes around 2.5% of the time, while iOS 7 is slightly improved at 2.1% and iOS 7.1 at 1.6%.

You can see an infographic of the various crash rates here.

Most prone to crashes are games, while the least likely to die on you are ecommerce apps. So, while Android takes the overall plaudits, the least stable OS you can have is their Gingerbread system. So it isn't an outright win for Google.


  • Gr E.
    Apples are however better for your teeth.
  • David
    But androids are just a cheap copy of the real thing. Who cares if the Skoda crashes less often, I still want a Posche!

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