...and now Apple offers iPhone 4 for pre-order. For £499.

Apple have just gone live with their iPhone prices. A mere £499 buys you an unlocked black 16GB iPhone 4; you'll have to stump up an extra £100 for the 32GB. That's before you pay for your carrier. And you can't buy the white one yet. Goodness knows how they continue to make so much money.

Bitterwallet - iPhone 4 pre-order

On top of this, Apple have also released information on a new Mac Mini. The spods out there will be interested to learn that it contains 2.4GHz or 2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, NVIDIA GeForce 320M Graphics Card, a built-in Power Supply, HDMI port and Mini DisplayPort and removable bottom panel which will give you access to memory.

new mac mini

Apparently, it will be retailing at £649 (or £929 with Snow Leopard server). It also claims to be the "world's most energy efficient desktop computer."


  • Jonn4y
    Why is it Uk always get raped with pricing, its only $199 in US. cheaper to fly out and buy one
  • Dom
    I'm pretty sure those prices are for the iPhone without a contract. Subsidised phones from a network carrier will be a lot cheaper..?
  • M4RKM
    @Jonn4y - really? You're comparing the price of a unlocked sim free phone, to a 2 year contract phone.. I wanted a white phone... i'm going to sulk for the rest of the day now.... :(
  • Alexis
    Remember Apple don't want to sell these but the EU is making them. Don't know why you'd want an unlocked one anyway. Just pick a network - they're all pretty much the same!!
  • Brian
    These wont be unlocked guys, they'll be PAYG locked to a specific carrier. Note the *from* on Apple's website - this is because carries charge different amounts.
  • Mund
    The phones off the Apple store are sim free and unlocked to any network. Prices from individual networks will be lower but my guess is only slighlty lower, maybe £449 and £549.
  • Paul S.
    Yep, what Mund said - the text on the Apple website (when it's back up) states those prices are for unlocked handsets.
  • Mund
    The "prices from" comment relates to the extra, docks, bumpers and insurance etc.
  • Eh
    Why is the memory so low? Surely the minimum should be 32GB, rising to 128GB or something?
  • Mund
    £100 extra for 16gb... And people wonder why apple dont include memory slots on their phones!! Well as much as I want one I wont be paying these sorts of prices for a phone.
  • Matt
    Gotta love it, other manufactures strive to increase functionality to drive sales. Apple limit functionality to make a few extra quid (£100 for 16GB for example and no memory card slot) and rely purely on fanboys needing a better fix to jack off over to sell new phones. How many other smart phones these days don't come with a memory slot?!
  • Chris
    Gotta love the Apple haters. I am not an Apple fanboi, but I do love my iPhone. And to prove im not a fanboi either - I KNOW the iPhone is FAR from perfect, lacks features that come standard elsewhere, and costs TOO much. I also hope Steve Jobs falls on stage during his next keynote and breaks his hip! Ok I think that proves where I stand... Anyway, I hate seeing the haters everytime there's something iPhone related. We get it - you dont like it. Stay the hell away from it then and stop making noise. A 'stock' iPhone is boring - no personality. Get it jailbroke and you open up the world to what the iPhone should have been. Jailbreaking is an absolute must and when that's done you can pretty much do everything and have the features of every other phone.
  • Mund
    Well I am no apple hater or fanboy either Chris. But Apple do irritate me with the simple things they omit which really should be included on their phones, especially for the price! I still have my trusty 2g that i bought for about £160 and jailbroke and unlocked straight away. I would love the new one but I cant justify the price. I would rather spend the money on an iPad and HTC Desire ;)
  • Issac M.
    Assume for the moment that I am a cashloaded fanboi and buy an unlocked 4G. Can I get a regular sim into it? Thought it was micro only.... can you get these in the UK yet?
  • mizzle
    @Issac Mycock http://www.ihackintosh.com/2010/04/convert-mini-sim-in-to-micro-sim-for-ipad-3g-yourself/
  • Simon B.
    Good tip their mizzle. I can't decide whether to sell my HD2 and finally try an Iphone as they now do most of what I want. Just seems an arm and a leg for a phone that will no doubt be worthless soon enough. Also the memory cost / lack of SD slot situation still make me want to convince suicide bombers that Apple headquarters would be the best way to hit the West where it hurts.
  • Peter F.
    "Goodness knows how they continue to make so much money." Because they market primarily to magpies, their demographic like shiny things but couldn't care less about decent functionality.
  • Simmyyy
    Well I'm upgrading..... to a 3GS! I currently have a 3G and while the iPhone 4 looks great I can't justify that sort of money. Brought a second hand 3GS and selling my second hand 3G. It'll cost me about £120 or so to upgrade but I'll get more memory (going from a 16GB to 32GB) and pretty much all the features of the iPhone 4 except HD video, new screen and case design.
  • Steve
    I'd rather have a HTC Desire...
  • LuckyL
    well, looks like my 2G will serve me for some time longer. These pricetags are obscene.
  • Codify
    Holy fuck, that mac mini pricing is ridiculous even by Apple standards. An outdated 2.4GHz dual core processor, 2gigs of RAM, and a 320GB hard drive, for £649. I could get more than double that spec (faster quad core processor, 4 gigs of RAM, 1TB hard drive) for much cheaper, even twelve months ago. Admittedly it wouldn't be as shiny shiny, but is that really worth paying more than double the actual value for? Apple fanbois really are beyond all logical comprehension
  • bwah h.
    Blah blah blah don't like the iPhone blah blah blah don't like the Mac mini blah blah blah fuck off then cunt heads.
  • CheShA
    Mac mini server? Your sysadmin would have to be mentally handicapped to choose a Mac mini as a server for anything in production. If I ever heard of anyone I know choosing "Server" hardware based upon its physical size, I would hurt them.
  • Claire
    I still can't decide whether to get myself an iphone or blackberry!!! ANyone can give me some idea/opinion?? =( =( =( I heard that the latest iphone 4 is very very nice!
  • Brandon
    The iphone 4 is very very nice! I am planning to get myself 1! However according to the news the 1st batch preorder is sold out... how sad! :( What do you think about this latest iphone 4?
  • Mr G.
    I heard the first batch has a fault where it is likely to explode and fill your face with shards of broken glass. Or did I dream it?
  • Club P.
    Not sure if this is for more... Looks cool though for others.
  • Michelina T.
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