Amazon open up Kindle for apps as iTablet launch looms large


With Apple’s much-mooted iTablet/iSlab/iWhiteElephant due for launch in the next few days, Amazon have wised up to the fact that its arrival might push their Kindle e-reading gizmo in the bin marked ‘obsolete.’

Naturally, this has displeased them greatly and they’ve decided to get their act together in an attempt to make the Kindle into more of a versatile piece of kit. They have opened up the Kindle platform to allow third party developers to create new ‘active content’ for it, or ‘apps’ as they have become known to people who have an aversion to using the word ‘lication.’

Software developers can register interest in developing applications for the Kindle through Amazon's website - travel guides and word searches and puzzles are already on their way for the e-reader. But as the Kindle is a black and white device with no touchscreen and miniscule sales compared to the iPhone, developers are probably more likely to get rich from inventing an invisible horseshoe or a fish helmet.

We know it’s the weekend but what are your thoughts on all of this, readers? Or on anything at all – we’re not fussy.


  • Iain
    Looks like Apple is going to take Kindle's core market and Kindle is going to become....kindling.
  • Jake
    Apple's tablet and the Kindle will occupy different markets. An LCD is not good for reading books.
  • Rolly
    I wonder if Apples iSlate will be REALLY expensive and underspecced but be also REALLY pretty like all their other stuff?
  • Junkyard
    Jake - who says the tablet will be LCD? OLED is a good bet for this sort of thing. CRT probably less so, but with Apple you never know.
  • A.N. I.
    Dear ANDY DAWSON, What is a Fish Helmet? How does it work? Can you please supply more detail as my Fish have shown some initial interest. Yours Faithfully, A.N. Investor
  • Jake
    OLED is far too expensive at this point in time and it's as good as LCD when it comes to reading. ebook readers are for black and white text whilst media pads are designed for colour multimedia etc...

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