Amazon Fire phone is no more

Amazon Fire Amazon have stopped selling their Fire Phone, a mere year after it first went on sale. How crap is that?

The company say that they sold the last of the stock they had last month, and won't be bothering with any more from now on.

Of course, hardly anyone will be sad to see it go, as it was largely disliked, thanks to being awkward to use and rather ugly to look at. It did have the novelty of the 3D thing going on, but the tinkered-with Android system it used made for a lousy experience for owners.

The Firefly object scanning didn't help either, with a lot of privacy campaigners taking umbrage with it after it was found that any photos taken were automatically stored on Amazon’s servers. Even the main purpose of the software - to make it easier to buy things - didn't really work. All-in-all, the Amazon phone was a load of rubbish.

So there you go. If you've been saving up all your money to get yourself an Amazon Fire mobile, firstly, what's wrong with you? Secondly, you'll have to look on eBay for one or something, as Amazon won't be selling them again.

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