All you need to know about Android Nougat

All you need about Nougat

The latest version of Android is imminent, and they're sticking with their usual naming policy which focuses on sweets, if your teeth weren't itching enough already.

Those with Nexus devices are going to start getting the roll-out today, and as you'd expect, there's a lot of new features and improvements.

If you have a Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 device, you'll be getting Android 7.0 very soon. Same goes for the Nexus Player, Pixel C and Android One.

There's going to be multi-window support, and the ability to directly reply to messages and notifications in a pop-up, so you won't have to open the app you got the message in. Of course, some Android phones already do something similar, so no great shakes there.

There's also going to be a 'recent apps' button, where you'll be able to switch between your two most recently-used apps with a double-tap.

Naturally, the graphics are going to be given a shot in the arm, and lower CPU usage when you're using apps and playing games. Basically, your phone should look nicer and not get as hot with heavy use.

There's also 72 new emoji being added, and this version of Android is going to be compatible with Google Daydream, which is the tech giant's virtual reality platform.

As ever, it'll be a free update, so no worries there.

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