All the arcade action of Atari, now on iPhone

Bitterwallet - Atari iphoneLong before Jet Set Willy got a look in, the Atari 2600 was rocking the world of shaggy-haired kids at the start of the 80s. Wood-encased gaming consoles were the future. Except, of course, they weren't. They were much better looking, though.

Realising there's a desire for retro-gaming that requires less memory than an email, there's now an official Atari app for iPhone and iPad. It's a free download and comes with Pong - if you want more classic arcade games, you'll need to buy them via in-app purchases. You can buy packs of four or five games for 59p, or buy all available titles for £8.99.

It's not quite the same as having a chunky joystick - I've tried playing Asteroids but the tried and tested method of staying in the same spot and rotating isn't working; the ship keeps zipping off in all directions. It's also the arcade versions of games that seem to be available, despite showing the artwork of the cartridge packaging.

Still, it's early days - this afternoon will most be spent seeing if Basketball is still the least interesting console game ever made.

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