All hail... the HotUKDeals mobile app!

unnamed Are you an avid HotUKDeals user with a mobile phone and a spring in your step? Yeah? You’ll need the all-new, official, FREE HotUKDeals mobile app then – it’s available NOW.

Okay, so you might think that we’re slightly biased, what with us being part of the HUKD family, but we can confidently say that it is THE BEST APP THAT THERE HAS EVER BEEN IN THE HISTORY OF ALL APPS. Oh yes.

Get in bunged into your phone and it’ll soon become your first point of call when you need access to deals, voucher codes, freebies and savings, all there on your tiny mobile device.

As well as giving you pretty much the full HUKD experience whilst on the move, it’ll also help you…

• view all the current deals voted as 'hot'…
• discover local deals…
• search the database for up-to-date member-shared vouchers…
• set up HUKD keywords (notification alert)

As we mentioned, the app is free and can be had from the Apple app store for iOS and Google Play for Android. There. Your life just got even better.


  • Chester
    Needs a windows phone version.
  • Iain
    Yes...what about a Windows Phone version?
  • InterebXpert
    @Chester and @Iain - Consider yourself lucky using Windows phones. The app is a sack of shite with advertisements, insta-deleted!
  • InterebXpert
    I apologise, I downloaded iHotUkDeals, now thats rubbish!
  • Mad H.
    So... what does it do that the mobile-optimised website doesn't, apart from use up memory space?
  • reg
    "All hail......" same old shit headline

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