Acer follow ASUS into the smartphone market

They may be best known for making teeny tiny computers that can fit between your teeth, but now Acer wants a crack at the smartphone market too. Last week the Taiwanese manufacturer unveiled a new range of handsets at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona.

They've tried to pack everything into the little blighters, obviously inspired by the genius that is the Pomegranate Phone. The M900 model is a touchscreen phone for besuited-office types and comes with Windows Mobile Professional and Office Mobile, GPS, an FM radio, voice recorder and voice-command, as well as expandable memory, and a 5-megapixel autofocus camera with flash. It's also transforms into a giant human-killing robot. And a car.

The F900 is geared towards mobile web users, the X960 is all about music and video and DX900 tries to cram the whole goddam lot in. Four handsets, four different target markets; like the Spice girls, then - your dad fancies the scary one but you'd like a bit of ginger. But they're phones instead.

The timetable for their release has yet to be announced, and no details on whether any networks have partnered with them. The news follows last November's announcement by fellow netbook manufacturer ASUS of their intention to enter the smartphone market.


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