A snazzy Flash hack for Apple iThings

12 August 2010

Now that the American courts have announced that it’s okay to jailbreak an Apple device without Steve Jobs sending round his hired goons to issue you with a ‘correctional update’, the jailbreakers seem to be becoming more brazen as they develop and advertise their illicit wares.

Here’s a useful way of getting your iThing to run Flash like it probably should have done in the first place. It’s not simple and does involve you jailbreaking your device before you do it, which could possibly end in tears and will certainly knack your warranty.

Is it worth the hassle and/or risk? It’s up to you. What’s that coming over the hill? Is it Jobsie’s hired goons…?

[via Consumerist]


  • PaulH
    I don't there's too much risk JB your iPhone - I did my iPhone4 yesterday fine and if you ever need to take it to an Apple store just restore it.
  • Tweets T.
    [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by bitterwallet, apple. apple said: A snazzy Flash hack for Apple iThings (Bitterwallet): Now that the American courts have announced that it’s ... http://bit.ly/byPyA8 #apple [...]
  • The M.
    Theres zero risk in jailbreaking your iPhone they are impossible to brick via software mods worst case scenario is u have to restore it to original settings. Go on do it!
  • Stu
    Great Flash just like it should have had... I can install this and look forward to flashing ads on websites and less battery life! yay
  • Q
    Does he get free ring-dings with that??
  • Vibeone
    This basically lets you view flash ads - its absolutely pointless as it doesn't (yet) support flash video and most games.
  • The B.
    Just buy an Android, it's far superior.
  • Jack T.
    Get the HTC Desire and there's no need to mess up your phone. Or wait for the iPhone 5 for only £800 next year.

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