A new iPhone Nano for January? Seriously?

Dream on fanboys; rumours that a new iPhone Nano was to be announced next month were re-animated when Crunchgear posted a case design for a smaller iPhone companion. Seemingly, accessory manufacturers receive such spec before announcements are made, so that'd be vaguely believable.

This meanwhile, looks like nothing more than ten minutes spent loafing about on Photoshop:

Crunchgear are labelling it as a "concept photo"; we're not sure how you'd begin to use the keyboard on one of this things. It'd also mean no Apps Store, since the screens appear to be very different dimensions.

What will Apple announce at the annual Macworld Expo next month? Probably not something as radical as a new iPhone, that's for sure; Steve Jobs isn't even attending the event.



  • Bob
    And now it's time to sit back, crack open a Staropramen and wait for all the iPhone haters to start their ill-conceived, illiterate rants.
  • Mike H.
    iPhones r da shiz innit bruv (Or some other street/cultural reference lost on the newer Audi/BMW driving folk of todays struggling economic climate)
  • The B.
    [...] the rumour that nobody believes yet it just won’t quit, dammit; is Apple about to announce the launch of an iPhone Nano?  In fact it’s already available, according to Apple Insider - if you live in Thailand and [...]
  • John
    IPHONE NANO I GOTS ONE FROM THAILAND PPL SAY IT fake but it really works!!

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