A first glimpse inside the new Apple iPad

The Jesus Machine™ is officially available in the US as of today, and we're already seeing detailed images of the insides of this innovative piece of technology that will ultimately revolutionise home entertainment and publishing:

Bitterwallet - inside the iPad


  • M4RKM
  • Gunn
    Basically true.
  • myiphoneisbroken
    An ipod touch would be more accurate!
  • Rich
    What a terrible joke, it's not even funny. I agree with 'myiphoneisbroken' it is more like an ipod touch. But the thing that makes this a shite joke is that yes we get it it looks like a large ipod touch well done you have the ability to see similarities between two items. It's like complaining that LG made a big tv this year and a bigger one next. No one expected apple to make a tablet computer, they never said they would.
  • Darryl
    Yeah, the ipad doesn't have calling features - If your gonna take the piss, do it properly! lol
  • andy y.
    perhaps truth may be stranger than fiction
  • Rolly
    I f***ing hate Apple.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Sense of humour bypass for a couple of posters above... moan whine moan whine
  • Martin
    Spot the fan-boys...
  • Orange
    I love Apple, I love apple, I love Apple. I will buy all their shit at hyped up prices. Your joke is not funny.
  • JK
    Why are people so bothered if this is a shit product or a big ipod touch, you hate apple, blah blah blah?? If you dont like it dont buy it and dont look it up on the internet, you sad pathetic people.
  • jimmysmith
    I like my ipod touch, and will prob buy one to check e-mails and surf the web if you dont want one dont buy one and stop moaning for fuck sake. Its only a gadget!
  • raptorcigs b.
    jobs is loving all this good or bad
  • Rolly
    The only people I dislike more than Steve Jobs and his mental gang are the smug owners of Apple kit. "That's right, its shiny isnt it... just look... no dont look too close, please dont look at the specs. Its shiny though isnt it! Mmmm..."
  • applebod
    zzzzz... Apple Haters... Apple kit may be more expensive, but it tends to be top end stuff with rock solid build quality. Let's face it where Apple start, everyone else WILL follow. Likewise, what Alexander McQueen puts on the catwalks of Milan now, will, in some small ways, be copied by Topshop and Dorothy Perkins in the future. I'm not convinced just yet of the exact benefits if the ipad, but then I was a little behind the times on the ipod too, but now am on my fifth. Watch this space.
  • Nobby
    > Let’s face it where Apple start Apple didn't invent the pad. There have been booklets, slates and tablet PCs around for years.
  • jbp
    applebod. I don't think Alexander McQueen will be showing anything at Milan from now on. Do keep up Fanboi :)
  • Mr G.
    Umm... is that the fashion designer Alexander McQueen who committed suicide back in February? Perhaps not the best example you could have pulled out of your Apple-loving arse.

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