£70 for a Spongebob Squarepants game?


The new Spongebob SquarePants game for iPhone and iPad will be utilising in-game purchases, which means that it'll cost you £69.99 to get the whole gaming experience.

The game itself says: "Additional cool stuff can be purchased in Spongebob Moves In! It’ll be charged to your iTunes account. You can adjust your device setting to lock the ability to make In-App purchases!"

There's a disclaimer that your children will willfully ignore.

Of course, after a number of surprisingly huge bills hitting the press recently, this is a risky move from the game developers.

IAP charges are tremendously unpopular with many people. The recent Simpsons game had a dizzying amount of in-game purchases.

The Office of Fair Trading are launching an investigation into IAP charges, so will Spongebob be the last high profile game to use them or will this become the new model for video games?



  • Gof M.
    Your choice to buy them or not...
  • Rex
    It won't "cost you £69.99 to get the whole gaming experience". All the IAPs in this game do is speed things up. Perfectly possible (and more fun) to play the game without them.
  • Hand S.
    What REx said. Anothe rnon story from BW
  • Jim
    wtf is dis 4 real ?
  • Al S.
    Utter garbage
  • Phil M.
    BW has been effing appalling quality the last few months. Seriously, what has happened?
  • Han S.
    @Phil McC: the answer is in the words "by Mof Gimmers"
  • Dick
    ^ Care in the community programme. They get paid to take him. :-)

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