500,000 02 customers can’t be wrong

Remember back in March, when it was announced that Sky were buying Spanish company Telefonica - who own 02 - for £200m?
WELL. Turns out there are a hell of a lot of 02 customers out there would rather eat bogies on toast than have a phone contract with Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. And unfortunately for Mr Burns, I mean, Rupert, they’re being rather vocal about it, too.

‘There have been a large number of calls,’ whispered an 02 employee, discreetly. ‘They don’t want to line Murdoch’s pockets.’

Apparently that ‘large number’ is half a million, which is less of a statistic and more like a massive mutinous vote of no confidence in the dried up old Aussie maniac.

The official line at 02 is a soothing message to these irate callers, telling them not to worry because Sky will only own 39% of 02, and they will remain separate companies.

Hahahaha. Dontcha just love a big juicy backlash? Wendy Murdoch’s karate moves are no match for this.


  • daniel
    I'm a Be customer and will be leaving them shortly after years of service on the strength of this purchase... It's not that I don't want to line Murdoch's pockets, simply that Sky and their services have been crap (from my experience) in the past.
  • Dionaeamuscipula
    Great article, and highly accurate. Except for the bit about Sky buying Telfonica - they aren't, they have bought O2's broadband and fixed line businesses in the UK. And the bit about Sky owning 39% of O2. They don't and won't own any of O2. And the suggestion that there have been half a million calls of complaint, as this would represent 100% of the transferring customer base and I for one haven't called.. And the bit about them remaining separate - Sky are transferring the former O2 and Be subscribers over to their own network. So four facts, four facts wrong. Well done!
  • Me
    I'm with o2 and i'm going - Would have gone already if it wasn't for the fact i'm in the process of exchanging contracts on a house purchase/sale. Will be going elsewhere when I move.
  • shiftynifty
    Dionaeamuscipula....I bet your flouncing around spitting those facts out like a scream...drama queen
  • Marky M.
    I phoned for my MAC code as soon as I heard, and was offered one year's free broadband to stay. I accepted that, but only because O2's speed and service has been so good in the five years I've been with them. But as soon as the year's up, I'm off. Murdoch can get stuffed.
  • badger
    @ Dionaeamuscipula Murdoch is American now, not Australian. So that's five facts, five facts wrong. Any more?
  • Daily M.
    Lucy, in your post dated March 1st, you wrote "Sky’s takeover of 02 will ... win them half a million disgruntled customers in the process". And now you're saying O2 have received "half a million" calls. If that's one per customer, that's quite a percentage of disgruntlement, isn't it?
  • Dan L.
    Who is this 'zero-two' company that is referenced in this piece?
  • Joe
    Primo: O2 are not being bought wholesale. The broadband side has been sold to Sky. The mobile side stays with Telefonica. I believe the assertion that they have been totally sold to Sky comes from the voices in Lucy's head, and they are talking shite. Secundo: Even if they are partly owned by Rupert Murdoch, Sky have to be better than the sack of lying cunts that are O2. Their service has slipped so far downhill it's a joke.
  • Billybobjimbob
    This story was lifted from The Daily Mirror. Long known to be the most reliable source of objective journalism when it comes to Murdoch.
  • Shop d.
    I don't know how things will pan out over the long term BUT I've had a year's FREE Broadband and £100 credited to my 02 mobile (contract) account, so (for now) it's good news for my pocket!
  • Blanko
    I have my new ISP connection activating tomorrow. I don't care about the 1 year free I was offered, I refuse to move over to Sky, it's killing all competition in any market it can get its grubby hands on, and too many people just don't care.
  • Big M.
    Murdoch = The Sun = big ol' titties. What's not to like?
  • lumpy
    Rupert Murdoch = half man/ half Shar Pei

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