£50 cap on bills from stolen mobile phones

Good news! If your phone gets nicked and the perpetrators use it to call their gangster pals in Serbia, or decide to Shazam everything and upload snuff movies onto it, you won’t be hit with a large bill.

mobile theft

The government has reached an agreement with four mobile phone companies – EE, Three, Virgin Media and Vodaphone – to put a cap on bills from stolen mobile phones from next Spring.

If you’ve reported your phone lost or stolen, there will be a £50 limit on bills. Also, phone providers will have to behave themselves when it comes to mid contract price rises. Customers will be able to decide to cancel their contract without any charges if their provider announces a price hike – following a ruling from Ofcom.

It’s all part of what the Government likes to sensationally call ‘the great mobile phone rip off.’ As announced earlier in the year, mobile providers must also work with the EU to end data roaming charges by 2016.

These days, if a Tory minister doesn’t mention ‘hardworking families’ in a speech, they’ll be jolly well egged and chucked into the River Cam without a punt. And Culture Secetrary Maria Miller didn’t disappoint.

‘We are ensuring hardworking families are not hit with shock bills through no fault of their own. Families can be left struggling if carefully planned budgets are blown away by unexpected bills from a stolen mobile or a mid-contract price rise. This agreement with the telecoms companies will deliver real benefits to consumers and help ensure people are not hit with shock bills.’


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  • Alexis
    They should end "2014 free minutes*" * when you top up £10 a month. The minutes aren't free, they cost £10 a month. You just said so.
  • tin
    "Agreement"? Fucking government, tell them that's what they ARE doing. As of now. Who's in charge round here? Also £50 cap *IF* you report the phone stolen? Fuck that. Mobile companies are completely able to stop the network-based part of the phone working at all, immediately. Certainly they can do it if you decide to not pay. £0 cap! the bastards!

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