5 announcements to expect from Apple next Wednesday

There's an Apple "special event" coming in less than a week's time, and Bitterwallet will be there live! At our desks! In the UK! Watching everyone else report it! There's been no shortage of rumours of the last few weeks, but what do we think will be revealed by Steve Jobs on stage?

We haven't bothered talked to a single expert or any of the UK's leading tech journalists, but we've taken a stab at what you may or may not see 1st September:

1) The invite is clearly all about music, so will Apple's iTunes Cloud service finally be revealed? This is expected to allow users to upload their music collection to a dedicated space on Apple's servers, so you can access it from wherever you are in the world, on any computer or device.

2) Updates to the iPod devices are almost a certainty - this is the traditional time for Jobs to announce tweaks and changes. It's possible there'll be a new iPod Touch with front and rear cameras, capable of running Facetime across WiFi, as well as some mandatory but undoubtedly pointless fiddling with smaller iPod devices.

Bitterwallet - Apple Event on September 1st

3) There's been a lot of noise around Apple TV, or iTV, and a service that'll actually be of some consequence to the mainstream consumer. Rumours include a smaller box that'll allow iPhone apps to be ran on your TV, presumably controlled in a similar way to how this Star Wars app allows your iPhone to control actions occurring on a computer screen.

4) The iPad could get the nod on the iOS 4 firmware update, and the iPhone may well get a shiny iOS 4.1.

5) A real wildcard - the arrival of Game Center. This was announced back in April as part of the iOS 4 event and was due for a Autumn release, which would fit with next week's event. It's a social gaming network that'll connect players around the world and allow them to interact through gaming.

Stick a fork in us, we're done - but what do you think we'll see next week? Answers and the usual Apple-related bile in the comments, please.


  • Alex
  • Will
    They got to fit the new MacBook air in there! Well overdue for a re-haul.
  • M4RKM
  • zleet
    Hmmm.... Maybe they'll add a 'new' fairly basic function to an already existing device then tack on another hundred to the price?
  • Big J.
    very gay. What is with Apple and their "special announcements"? Only the sheep give a fuck. Oh yea, the IFA is on in Berlin with some real announcements so apple need to appease the flock. Guess it gives Skeletor a chance to show off his new black rollneck.
  • He-Man
    by the power of grey skull! (Is it 100% cotton? Short sleeve? External pocket for swords/ipods?) C'monnnnn
  • Mark
    Wow, you mean people round the world could, like, get together on the internet and play games without all needing to be in the same room? Genius idea - how come no one's ever thought of this before?
  • Ballu
    guitar hero for ipad launch
  • The B.
    "so you can access it from wherever you are in the world, on any computer or device." As long as it's either an Apple device or has iTunes installed on it, which is great if you're away from home and using a machine you don't trust because you'd want to be giving your login details to all and sundry wouldn't you?
  • zacspeed
  • ry8000
    I hate you Apple... I don't know why, so don't ask - I just do, alright?!
  • Nobby
    They are launching the iWallet. You put your money in, and it disappears. The more you put in, the shinier the wallet becomes. But the rechargeable batteries die after a year and they are not replaceable.
  • Skymarshall
    I heard they were breeding people. Calling them the iPlum. Each and every single one thinks they should love apples.. nobody knows why..
  • Hippy
    I got the inside scoop! They are releasing a new product called the "ipatch" it fits over your right eye and shows only what steve jobs wants you to see. Like where the nearest penny farthing is to your location and also blurs out all the ugly people showing you only the good looking ones!
  • Live B.
    [...] that any of it matters. We’ve already told you what you’ll see later today, and Bitterwallet has received this exciting lead – a new [...]

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