3D TV sets are in the shops NOW!

Advert-for-Sky-3d-TV-001 The first 3D TV set has finally gone on sale in the UK – but we can’t help feeling that they’re taking the piss out of us.

Samsung have launched the miraculous new goggle box, a 40-incher, which is available from John Lewis' flagship stores for only (!!!) £1,7999 (we’ve sarcastically added an extra, nonsensical 9 on there.) Currys and Comet should be stocking the thing in the next few days. A Panasonic model is also a few days away from launch and Sony will be knocking one out later in the year.

But what’s this? Only ONE Blu-ray 3D film available? Even if it is the peerless Monsters Vs Aliens. And Sky’s 3D channel many weeks away from launch? Shoddy stuff.

But what’s this (again)? A pair of special 3D glasses and the cables needed to make the whole caboodle work – an extra £200? Hellzapoppin! Maybe worth hanging on until LG unveil their 3D telly in the summer – it’ll come with the type of 3D glasses that we inexplicably nick from the cinema, and what’s more, they’ll be free.


  • 3dtv
    Comet already have these in stock. John Lewis are sold out. However, if you can wait, John Lewis are doing a "3D Bundle" which includes the TV, a 3D Blu Ray Player, 2 pairs of 3D Glasses and the 3D Monsters vs Aliens for £2148. So you are effectively getting the glasses and the movie for "free". It'll be back in stock in 3 days (apparently). http://www.cheap-3dtv.co.uk My advice? Wait. The Samsung, Panasonic and Sony models all use active shutter technology, meaning you need expensive glasses - £100 a pop, or £149 a pair. Thats expensive if you invite the boys around to watch the footie. LG are launching their PASSIVE technology soon - the glasses will cost as little as £1 a pop. And like you say, you can nick them from your local cinema. Not that I would condone such a thing.
  • 3dtv
    And by the way, 40" is NOT large enough for 3D - it completely ruins the effect. Get a 52", or even better, a 60" - Sony launch their 60" set soon, but you may need a second mortgage to buy the thing.
  • Pedant
    ORLY? http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/660343/samsung-ps50c7000-3d-full-hd-plasma I didn't realise that this was the first one. You should read HUKD. There's tons of great information :D
  • Shopdis F.
    Does anyone else think that this is a shit idea? Why would I want to look like a cunt whilst watching TV. You can't just casually watch it either. Oh and I am not fucking 5 years old. Why should this impress me?
  • kev
    why would anyone ever spend 2 grand on a telly?
  • Dan J.
    I have no idea why anyone would want a 3D TV at the moment. Firstly, you are going to look like a twat wearing daft glasses. Then, 2 days later, you are going to get bored when you realise you only have 1 3D DVD Then a week later, you'll just feel like a spanner who spunked £2000 on a 21st Century Betamax
  • Gunn
    I'm waiting for the Sony one to drop price, I don't want the passive 3d, active is far superior.
  • Amanda H.
    I thought the idea behind 3d Tv's is that you dont have to wear glasses? So why should I pay more for a 3dtv than a standard tv with the same 3d film and display the same thing.
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    I can only really see the whole 3D thing coming off, if when Sony/MS release the next gen consoles it has this 3d malarky built in as standard. That'll be the when the kids with way too much money to burn invest in stuff like this. 5 year olds who want to watch Monsters Vs Aliens can't afford it.
  • GB
    IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay : New PS3 update v 3.30 is readying the console for 3D.
  • wander
    WTF IS DIS REAL? better late than never
  • 3dtv
    Gunn, "Passive" and "Active Shutter" technology give exactly the same result. One is not neccesarily better than the other. As previously pointed out, the only difference is that Active Shutter moves the technology to the glasses, making them £70-£100 per pair. Passive has the technology in the TV set alone, with standard glasses being much cheaper (about £1 per pair).
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    @GB, I realise this, however I don't think current gen will be able to handle the extra 3d overhead and still be competitive with the visual quality of any games.
  • Morocco
    You can recreat the 3D effect seen in Avatar, in real life, by simply looking around you.
  • Gunn
    @3dtv, That's not the case at all, passive use colour or polarising so you lose brightness or colour info, active sends images sepearately to each eye , downside being you do lose frame rate. With passive you also need to look directly at the screen to get the effect.
  • 3dtv
    To be fair, passive technology has yet to be seen in a dometic setup - I've had first-hand experience of Active Shutter, but not passive (except at the local IMAX, which of course uses passive). So I'll reserve final judgement until I've seen both technologies side by side. Hopefully that won't be long!
  • tron
    Just so you know - the LG Passive set will be comparatively more than a 3D active set. Active sets basically use a standard LCD panel with a heap of technology being deployed in the glasses. Passive sets use special screens which push the cost of the set itself up. So yes the glasses are cheaper, but the set is more. Oh and passive sets can't handle 3D Full 1080p HD Blu-ray either.
  • hippy
    think ill wait till prices drop and porn cums to blu-ray in 3D!
  • m00se
    Well I've been watching the 3d football a lot in the pubs with the LG tv's and cheap glasses and all has been fine. Slight blurring in the corner of the TV's. but haven't noticed any problems no matter whether I sit 2 feet away, or 15 feet. Seem to be able to watch it from all angles as well.
  • Gretchen S.
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