3 finally arrives at the iPhone 4 party, tariffs announced

Does anyone still care about the iPhone 4? For those of you who do, and in an effort to continue our exhaustive coverage of the handset's pricing, here's the latest news from 3. Yes, they've just announced their iPhone 4 tariffs several weeks after everyone else, but they've had plenty of time to see what the competitors - Orange, T-Mobile, O2, VOdafone and Tesco Mobile - are bringing to the party. Surely 3 will be sticking it to other networks good and proper:

Bitterwallet - 3 iPhone 4 pricing

These are 24 month deals, and while they're not terrible, 2,000 minutes may not be enough to satisfy some customers, especially when other networks are offering unlimited minutage - and who really cares about Three-to-Three minutes?

Several of the iPhone 4 deals are within touching distance of one another so it may come down to other factors; for our money, we've yet to find a network with customer service as shoddy as 3, and regardless of the deal we'd have to be wrestled into handing over our money.


  • PaulH
    Urgh - When are O2 gunna release their PAYG prices...I don't want to be in an 18month contract
  • Johnters
    As far as I can see, Tesco's contracts are still BY FAR the best. Not least because they come with a twelve month term, rather than 2 years. My original iPhone 3GS is 11 months into a 12 month contract, and only just still going !
  • PokeHerPete
    2 year contacts are worse than marriage
  • Morocco
    3's coverage is crap as well - good luck holding a 3g signal on the knackered iPhone 4 in combination with 3's shitty network. Good luck again if you phone them to complain about it. Worst. Network. EVER.
  • itsmewoody
    I find the o2 business contracts are best. Yes they are a little more expensive than consumer, and you HAVE to sign for 2 years. They do however give you an upgrade every 12 months at the same rate as when you got the first handset! I weighed it up to be the cheapest way to get a phone every 12 months on a decent network.
  • Nobby
    > My original iPhone 3GS is 11 months into a 12 month contract, and only just still going ! So why would you want another apple product, if they only last a year.
  • PaulH
    My 3G is nearly 2 years old and its a bag of sheet!
  • zacspeed
    Amen to what morocco said! I wouldn't give those cunts the steam off of my shit!
  • Merlinho
    I haven't had any problems with 3 reception with my iPhone. I received it from 3 on Wednesday as a current customer, I've tried to death grip it and failed, I think that 3 reception is made out to be worse than it is, as I've been a customer for 2 years and only encountered sporadic issues, which generally were ones that also impacted other networks. They did however manage to leave me in a pickle when they put the cost of the 32GB on my next bill as I was told when I agreed to it over the phone; however this then put me over my account credit limit leaving me unable to make chargeable calls and subsequently I was stuck in one of those car parks where you have to ring a number to pay for parking, unable to pay.In the end I made a payment immediately over the phone to clear it and allow me to pay for my parking!
  • Jimbo
    Your slating 3 for being late to the party but they announced their tariffs in June and before T-Mobile. It's just the actual phone they have released now. http://www.silicon.com/technology/mobile/2010/06/24/iphone-4-tariffs-3-and-tesco-mobile-announce-price-plans-39746027/
  • dunfyboy
    It'd be nice if BW actually covered other phones too.
  • Kevin
    But noone gives a toss about the pricing of other phones.
  • klingelton
    3 are shit. Terrible customer services. They are a bunch of robbing cnuts. How is this company still trading?!
  • Wombat3
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