1dRful! XLNT! HUH?

U no, were txt crazy. OTT. BION, 2da we r sending more txts than eva. BG 4 phone companies.



And so on. People who send illiterate SMS messages get right on my tits. There's nothing more infuriating than somebody responding to my carefully crafted text with "YR! CWYL!". Two letters back atcha, fool: FO.

Depressingly, such hipster text slang is becoming increasingly common, partly because society is raising a generation of degenerates but mostly because technology is continuing to infiltrate humanity to the point that it will soon destroy us all.

(I've seen a few films on the subject, it really happens. But keep it in your mind. They're monitoring you.)

Yes, as our opposing thumbs fly ever faster, we're sending a phenomenal number of texts. According to the Mobile Data Association, we're firing off more than 217 million of the blighters every single day. Last year we were only sending a measly 157 million SMS messages a day. How did we manage in those dark, savage days of 12 months ago?

A daily increase of around 38% means we're hitting send on over 1.5 billions texts a week, around 6.5 billion a month. I wonder if there's a corresponding rise in casual sex and extra-marital affairs?


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