Commercial Break: A cheapskate's guide to a happy life

If you read this site or its bigger brother HotUKDeals, chances are you’re a bit of a… hmm, how can we phrase this… a penny-pincher. A tightwad. Tighter than a gnat’s chuff even. A miserly skinflint. A coin-grabbing wretch.

Sounds like you? Of course. You might get some handy tips from these Australian ads for the Comtel mobile phone network then. Send us pictures of you carrying them out in real life and we might even send you a prize.

You should have worked out that we’re too tight for prizes… unless it’s for the BITTERWALLET ENORMOUS HUGE GIANT PRIZE GIVEAWAY DRAW... WHICH ENDS TONIGHT!!!


  • Carl
    loving the Scottish accent for the strap on the end. who says stereotyping is dead?
  • TV's B.
    I'd nob the bird in video 2.

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