118 800 draw the curtains on it all for a short while

It looks as though the waters have got a bit choppy for 118 800, the controversial mobile phone directory service. At the time of writing, they have suspended their service, possibly due to the deluge of mobile phone users who have been desperately scrambling to opt out of being listed on the 118 800 database.

To make matters worse, the Information Commissioner’s office wants a sit-down with Connectivity, the comapany behind the 118 800 service, to find out more about how they aim to protect consumers who want to opt-out.

There’s more info at the 118 800 homepage, and Raj Raithatha, the chief executive of  Connectivity will be popping up on BBC2’s Working Lunch at 12.30pm today. Should be interesting….

EDIT: 118 800 are now communicating with the world via Twitter. Be nice to them.


  • tek-monkey
    I tried to remove myself from the site twice, both times I never received the code required to do so. The simplist way to avoid phone spam, both on your mobile and at home, is to be as abusive as possible. I feel sorry for the people calling me, but swearing profusely at all cold callers really seems to have reduced the calls I get. Not had one at home for months now.
  • Jeezey
    I managed to unsubscribe shortly before they went tits up, then almost immediately started receiving spam texts. Coincidence?
  • The B.
    Pah, I joined the TPS and still get cold calls, so I report the f***ers every time, I never hear any more back from the TPS but I also hear sod all back from the cold calling f***s. As this mobile directory is derived from marketing info then the TPS should cover it so I couldn't give a f*** either way until I start getting calls and then report them.
  • > H.
    Use this, "You do understand that this mobile number is registered with the TPS, (Telephone preference Service, if they are thick as fuck) and that you are contravening my privacy rights by calling this number, can I take your name, number and company name for reporting to the TPS please?" They'll hang up and you won't be bothered again.
  • Ga w.
    I looked at the 118800 site and all it had on there was the ability to look for a person, if it finds them , then i will call them and ask them if they wish to speak to the person making the request. It didnt actually give out the number anywhere so im confused to the Controversy ?
  • Virgilio A.
    I don't want my mobile number given out, as people are always trying to find out who I am! Virgilio Anderson
  • Frank K.
    after receiving a 3rd new land line phone number I contacted chairman of BT and accused BT Wholesale of selling my number to premium phone number scammers. I proved it and received 6 months free line rental! I paid the Post Office £32 to divert my mail BUT they sold my new address to new junk mail marketeers. These guys at 118 are making a almost a quid for every text that is generated - whether accepting or refusing a call- and especially if you try to opt out of the service. Do not trust anyone- especially FSA Gordon Brown and Mandelson
  • Fred B.
    Do they really think we are stupid? The week a viral email goes round their web site goes down as ‘its a beta site’. Honestly, you must think we are stupid. Your site is backed by 17 million of 3i money- you would have not launched this site if it was beta. Also, if it was beta you never mentioned it before… In 2007 you said you were going to ask for people’s permission before adding. What made you change your mind? Opt in is the only way forward.
  • Ga w.
    Thier policy details: We promise * We never ever give out any mobile numbers. We connect people who want or need to talk on the move using a system painstakingly designed to protect privacy (Via an intermediatory phone call so person never gets to see you number and you have to accept the call). * We never ever sell or give mobile numbers to sales organisations, charities or anyone else. * We don't have children listed in our directory (though if you've given your phone to a child, you may want to make it ex-directory in your name just in case) Its not like a big list of mobile numbers for everybody to see? I think that some people go over the top with worry.
  • Joe
    Hello, Joe from 118800.co.uk here. The website has been taken down for some essential maintenance work to be carried out, in order for us to improve the service we offer our customers. Any requests to opt out of the service before the site was taken down will still be carried out so there is no need to opt out again. Just to reassure you that we’ll never actually give out anyone’s personal details. When you search on 118800.co.uk, we’ll send an SMS message to the person you’re looking for, giving them your contact details and it is then up to them if they wish to call you back or not. The BBC did not recommend becoming ex-directory – they simple provided information about how to do it We are genuinely interested in getting peoples feedback so that we can shape the service to make sure people are comfortable with it and for the service to be as useful and reliable as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us on [email protected] Thanks, Joe 118800.co.uk
  • tek-monkey
    Joe, do you ever pass on any information to third parties? Furthermore, do you ever send out information on behalf of third parties, with or without revealing phone numbers to that party? So far the only phone spam I have ever received is from my network operator, so am not too bothered. Mind you, I also use an old number on all contact forms where one is required and I don't feel like providing it.
  • Joe
    Hi tek-monkey, We never give out or sell data to anyone (third parties included), so cold calling will not result from our service. Cold calling is common on landline numbers because landline data is freely and widely available. The mobile numbers in our directory are available to no one. 118800 connect people that know each other, we don’t give out numbers. Hope this clears up any concerns, Thanks, Joe 118800.co.uk

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