10,000 iPhones topple like Domino Rally in cool video

Everyone likes fancy domino displays, but what if the dominoes were replaced with iPhones? Well, here's a video that does exactly that with 10,000 smartphones being knocked over.

Watch this.

Now, there's a secret to this video that you need to know - it is actually an animation by Aatma Animation Studios.

Oddly, only one iPhone was used to create the video. That said, it is still pretty nifty.



  • Barky
    I'm Gay!
  • jim
    nifty - not heard that word used since 1986
  • chewbacca's m.
    @Barky Never met anyone gayer.
  • K K.
    That's made me go out and buy 10000 iPhones, thanks a bunch bitter wallet *shakes fist*

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