£100 - Talk an iPhone fanboy out of line at the Apple Store

Once again the iPhone 4 fanboys and assorted Apple fanatics have lined up around the block of the Regent Street Apple Store, stretching back to Hanover Square. We thought about going down and handing out free Android handsets but our budget didn't quite stretch that far and avid Bitterwallet writers Andy and Paul are isolated in the north east.

So we've decided to reach out to you the ever more avid Bitterwallet reader. Here's your chance to funnel your frustration at Bitterwallet's endless Apple coverage. If you go down to the Regent Street Apple Store and film a good effort of you talking an iPhonefanatic out of line we'll give you £100. Don't be nasty and an idiot but see if you can talk them into abandoning their iPhone purchase.

If you can actually talk someone out of line we'll give you another £100... but it has to be someone in the first 5 people of the queue.

Ground rules... 1) Needs to be Regent Street branch of Apple today. 2) Must attempt to coerce the person at the front of the queue to leave it and not return for the rest of the day, using non-aggressive techniques. 3) All attempts must be filmed and sent to bitterwallet. 4) All verified attempted will be awarded £100

Here's a pic of the line from an hour ago so you still have plenty of opportunity ... plus these guys have been waiting for hours :)



  • ridge
    bit late now ?
  • Paul N.
    Nope that's the line as of an hour ago.
  • kfcws
    they're all insane......
  • Gary
    You Mad Brah? Calm down bro!! I don't get it. What is wrong with the iphone 4? (I don't have one) I would get one if I had the money for one. Jus' Saying
  • idontneedaniphone
    Do I really need one of these? Does it wipe your ass? I guess theirs an app for that? Is their a John Terry app? Will it shag my Wife?
  • Amanda H.
    Hey, Theres my mate in the orange shirt. Peter File.
  • Fail
    1. Obtain hot slutty girl, or be hot slutty girl 2. Tell slutty girl you will pay her £50 for every girl she can convince to leave the line using her womenly ways, skip step 2 if you are the slutty girl 3. Film it all... start to 'finish' 4. Show start of video to HUKD 5. Sell rest of video elsewhere 6. PROFIT
  • Bubuzela
    What, they are still queuing now??! Coaxing someone out of that queue would be pretty easy though. Just convince them that you have Mr. Jobs back at your house and if they leave the line they can suck his penis.
  • THE D.
  • Gaz
    @idontneedaniphone: I will shag your wife?
  • Joris B.
    Have a look at the BBC website, people are already complaining of a 'fault' on the jesusPhone! I won't be in that line just yet!!
  • Late
    We can have £200 if we queue up for an iphone and get a mate to talk us out of it when we're near the front of the queue? Nice - how long's it take to get from the back of the queue to the front? Actually, forget that - I'm sure someone at the front will let someone stand in front of them for one minute for £20. [/cynic]
  • Rob
    Proper sad bastards in the quewe
  • The B.
    I can't wait to see people shouting down it from a distance on a train because they can't hold it whilst making a call.
  • Jase
    Steve Jobs response to the fault on the iPhone 4: "Hold it different or buy one of our bumpers for $29" Not the greatest response from the CEO of a company that prides itself on intuitive design and usability.
  • Jase
    @Joris Bonson: Faults with the phone have been reported as early as 9am (Jun 24th). Gizomdo started doing a montage of YouTube videos of people demonstrating it's loss of signal my touching the sides (btw, then about 20 other tech news sites started doing the same). By the way, there is actually two faults that have been reported: 1. Loss of signal when holding the phone, mainly when touching to bottom and left sides (aka. holding in left hand). 2. A yellow tinge / spots appearing on the screen.
  • Nobby
    Where are the islamic terrorists when you actually need them?
  • Andy B.
  • em
    @Gaz - what if she has a penis? LOL
  • PokeHerPete
    @em Theres a app for that
  • dunfyboy
    Should've offered £100 to mow the queue down with your car, increasing the nation's average IQ at the same time.

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