1 in 6 travellers get a nasty mobile bill shock

Mobile_phone_holiday_beach_GUIDE_01 One in six holiday makers who take their phones abroad are often bamboozled by big bills when they return home - and those hunky consumer crusaders at Which!!! have accused mobile providers of keeping customers in the dark about their holiday mobile charges.

From tomorrow, new laws are coming into effect for reduced roaming charges in the EU, which put a limit on the cost of outgoing calls. The cap on charges will be 18.24p a minute for UK callers. A text will be capped at 5.76p, and 1MB of data will be 19.2p.

But even so, Which!!! thinks that travellers outside of the EU are still being held to ransom by confusing charges.

In one of their super surveys, Which! found that a lot of people didn’t realise that capped charges only applied to the EU.

A Which!!! lackey said: ‘We found one in six people who have taken their mobile on holiday abroad in the past year have been shocked by a high mobile phone bill, of these one in four were charged more than £40 over their usual monthly usage.

‘Worryingly nearly half – 45per cent - of mobile users who have been abroad in the last 12 months said they didn’t know that the price caps don’t apply to the whole of Europe, with 48 per cent believing that they do.’

So here is the news. Only EU countries. Turkey isn’t in the EU, so if you’re in Dalaman having an all you can drink holiday, put your phone away now.

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