Is this what Wonga thinks of Whitney?

Oh dear – don’t come out of this juxtaposition betwixt a Channel 5 trailer and ad bumper very well. Poor Whitney. Poor Wonga.


  • IanH
    no comment
  • Chewbacca
    True, so true. Only another few million junkies to go.
  • Sicknote
    Considering that in money lending terms are the parasitic intestinal worms of society they do have a point there about skank crack addicts being better off in body bags. And besides, who the fuck ever chose to listen to those shouty power ballads; I would only listen to Whitney if I was giving some tart a good fingering on the dance floor in the erection section at the end of the evening clubbing. So fuck off Whitney & fuck off
  • Chike
    I have just wet my pants laughing at Sicknote's comment! Too true. I am also disgusted that the "parasitic intestinal worms of society" sponsor my football team.
  • Jeebus
    Better taking the piss out of and exploiting the dead than the living!
  • fwengebola
    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why you should never be tempted to read the ignorant ramblings of the average idiot leaving comments on videos on the Internet
  • myOtherPenisIsAVagina
    What kind of name is fwengebola? Self-righteous cock
  • Kene
    Most American girls are fat, slutty feminists who dress like slobs. Men should boycott them to encourage them to improve and start putting them in their place. Here are some ways to insult American girls: 1. If she is fat, say: “Are you pregnant?” OR “Are you sure you should be eating that?” 2. When you are near a fat chick, use your mobile phone by pretending that you are talking to a friend and complain loudly about how disgusting fatties are. 3. If she has a tattoo, make a disgusted face, and say: “Is that a bug or dirt on your skin?” OR “I thought tattoos were only for bikers, criminals, or whores.” OR "Girls who get tattoos because everyone else has one are like lemmings. Would you jump off a bridge because everybody else one did?" OR "I hear that there are laser tattoo removal clinics. You should go to one." OR "I thought you looked pretty hot until I saw that tattoo." 4. If she smokes, say: “Gross! Smoking is such a turn-off. Lung cancer is not sexy.” 5. If she wears flip-flops, say: “Wow, girls in other countries like Russia and Brazil care about their appearance and dress like women.” 6. If she has short hair, say: "Excuse me, are you a man?"
  • Raggedy
    And that, ladies and gentlemen is just the ammunition a more ample lady would need to smack you straight in the face knocking you to the ground and then sit on you saying "Suffer knobhead!"
  • Emma
    The advert has been on ages and it is usually after CSI or NCIS so is more of a take on this programming. Just unfortunate timing from CH5. Im sure it was not done on purpouse.
  • Dick
    > 5. If she wears flip-flops, say: >“Wow, girls in other countries like Russia and Brazil > care about their appearance and dress like women.” Loads of Brazilian women wear flip-flops and still look pretty hot.
  • Mike H.
    Wonga FAIL She looks AND sounds better in a body bag, stupid bitch.
  • Mary H.
    Awesome video, how do I favourite? The drugs certainly DO work!
  • Donut B.
    Mike, watch it again, no fail there lol

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