Commercial Break: Now Katona's a loaner...

Here’s a smashing advert starring Kerry Katona, for Cash Lady, a company that makes getting a short-term, high-interest loan look like an attractive lifestyle choice, like trying out a new body spray or chancing your arm in an online bingo.

Having said that, the Cash Lady will only lend you up to £300 and the interest is a healthy 2780%. Judging by her performance, Kerry has either insisted on only doing one take for the ad or she was in a big hurry to pocket her fee and go off and spend it on some refreshments. We’re a long way from Iceland now, ladies and gentlemen…


  • Dozzer
    Coz shes a real role model for sensible money management, borrow from these robbing jokers and get in the same shi* she did - then go bankrupt.
  • Kevin
    'healthy 2780%' PER YEAR. You don't borrow for the year. As you say it's 'short-term'. It's terrible, she's scummy and the people that choose to sign up are idiots, but slag them off for accurate things.
  • Marky M.
    Hot DAMN I would totally nail her!
  • Liam
    £300 to go straight up the nose.
  • chewbacca
    Shes a fucking vacuous whore. Hate is a strong word, but I hate that bitch.
  • Grazyna
    so what you dont borrow it for a year? 2780%? I wouldn't say a thing if it was 40% but 2780%? That lenders are so good for a people :) why not 5000%? or 10000%? And you know on what they spend that money? On that stupid tv ads - they pay that "stars" heavy cash (as nobody wouldn't whore itself for lazy 10000) from your money and it's still worth to do it even with that paying out everybody. mafia legal businesses :)
  • Kevin
    Because it's very different saying 7% a day or 50% a week. Noone borrows for a year so you won't be paying those rates. As the rich git Martin Lewis said it's like borrowing £20 off your friend and buying them a pint as a thanks the next day, that's a MUCH higher rate of interest than these companies offer. They are vicious companies but people make their choices (even if desperate they still sign the legal documentation) so they should take responsibility. Just like Katona didn't!
  • Sicknote
    I'm afraid that I would have to smash the back doors off that silly tart.
  • wow
    She's doing these adverts BECAUSE she is in debt. Hmm ?
  • Mustapha S.
    That is a very good point Kevin. Will give you credit for it rather than that tit Lewis. Whole APR thing is a load of bollox, I actually agree with the short term loan people on this one.
  • Angry R.
    Smash my beans all over the bangers
  • Andrew
    Not watched the vid but is this Kerry explaining the theory of general relativity?

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