You Can Trust Tramps With Your Credit Card

A homeless person, yesterday

You've seen homeless people around haven't you? You vicious swines probably shout "How's homelessness working out for ya?" don't you. Gits. Anyway, for those of you who give change when you can, have you ever considered handing over your credit card to them?

That would be just stupid, right? They'd run off and buy... hang on... do dealers even accept cards these days?

However, some schmaltzy report from Canada suggests that you can indeed trust a homeless person with your credit card.

There was a story recently which saw a New York advertising executive (aka a prick) handing over her American Express Platinum Card to a homeless chap who went off and bought $25 worth of deodorant, water and cigarettes before returning the card.

The Star (no, not that one) sent a reporter out with a load of prepaid credit cards and dished them out to people living on the streets. The main purchases revolved around McDonald's, with cigarettes coming a close second. Basically, the story seems to go that, if you hand over a credit card to a homeless person, they'll stock up on groceries and hand you your card back.

Of course, it helps if you're a reporter and you can confidently get some cash from your bosses to conduct this little social experiment. This means that, when the card goes walkies, you can simply shrug it off and not worry about your identity being stolen.

Anyway, click that link above and read all about and, please note, the reasonably witty panhandling sign about Obama.


  • me
    LOL it reminds me that they once projected a real credit card with money on central London and one twat spend most of it on apple shop!
  • mein c.
    Reading the bottom of that Star article, it seems that three out of the five cards weren't returned. So the moral is that you can only trust 40% of tramps with your credit card.
  • The B.
    "if you hand over a credit card to a homeless person, they’ll stock up on groceries " McDonald’s != groceries cigarettes != groceries
  • PaulH
    lol - "a New York advertising executive (aka a prick)"
  • Nobby
    It would have been funnier to give your credit card to a tramp, then inform the police that you have been attacked and robbed. And the tramp gets a night's free hotel accommodation.

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