Tips to save money on weekends? Share them here! Mondays through Thursdays, human beings can be total paragons of responsibility and discipline. But on Fridays, we go out for a laugh, but spend and drink, scream at the top of our lungs, then spend, and spend. But why is it that we do that?

The Pareto principle (also known as the 80-20 rule) states that for many events in life, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. With 5 work days a week, Friday equates to 20% of the work week. So one hypothesis would be that we're applying 80% of our play time and spending to that momentous evening.

Sure, we should cut ourselves some slack for making it through another week of the daily grind. But keeping the excesses of Friday (that so often ooze into Saturday and Sunday) controlled to some extent will prevent turning next week's Monday through Thursday into a financial guilt-fest.

How can you be a sociable creature, yet avoid abusing your bank account in the process? Let's get the "ruining all the fun" one out of the way first, and you can do as you wish with it:

1. You don't have to go out on weekend nights, do you? You probably have all kinds of things to do at home that you've been meaning to get around to for ages. This weekend could be that time. Besides, the drinking and dancing is all fun and games until somebody puts an eye out. The additional benefit: your mother would also stop asking you to apply yourself.

2. If you're invited to join your more well-off friends for a pricey dinner out, you can tell them you have plans, but will join them later. You'll get there in time to enjoy some Irish Whiskey Cheesecake, and with luck, they'll have drunk enough that they'll forget you weren't there all along.

3. If it's customary for each person in your posse to buy a round, go first. Nobody will remember who bought the fourth or fifth round. Don't shirk your drinking-buddy responsibilities, though. Making your phone buzz and then stepping out to "answer" it when it's your turn to buy is not cool.

4. Arrange to share cabs if possible, or better yet leave in time to get a train before service stops for the night. Particularly on Friday which is a work day followed by a raucous evening, everyone will understand if you say you're dog tired and want to beg off rather than continue the pub crawl.

The main thing to remember is that you're the same person Friday night and Saturday night that you are the other five days of the week, and while soul crushing self-denial isn't healthy, neither is waking up with a credit card slip for £253.39 at a place you have no recollection of going to.

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  • bigboaby
    Who the fuck would turn up near the end of other people having dinner. My tip is don't turn up at all you will save plenty of money. If you are buying rounds you are best going last if there are 4 guys out and 7 rounds are bought that means the first 3 have to pay for 2 rounds while you miss out on the last one and only had to pay for 1 round.
  • Neuro
    Remind me not to go in rounds with that guy ^^^
  • Duncan
    I was hoping for something a bit more useful here, ah well. If you're going to be joining in with the buying of rounds, all I can say is do it with people who you know will buy you a drink in return, unless you're happy to buy drinks for people you know won't. Saying that, I often am, when I've got money, and when I know they're honestly broke. Most of the time though, I buy my own drinks - I drink at a faster pace than everyone else and find myself buying drinks in between rounds, and then not being bought a drink because I've already got one (which is usually pretty much gone!). Either that, or I'll have got happy on cheap supermarket deals before I go out and I'll be drinking pepsi's (which is a pretty good excuse for not joining in with rounds I find with my friends :) - "I'm not drinking tonight, had some pills earlier...").
  • Tom P.
    "Tips to save money on weekends?" Just wait for the single guy to go to the bogs, leaving his 3/4 pint of amber nectar on the table or counter...then grab it.
  • Stevenpcurtis
    Don't go out. Plus don't eat; saves lots of money.
  • Honky S.
    Not bad tips at all - if a little light hearted! My tips to save on drinks - take ure g'friend. She'll get free drinks all night - and when its her turn to pay - all your mates will step in and insist she doesn't have to! Food - stuff yourself with a kebab before - turn up fashionably late, but during 2nd course - and say youre trying to become a vege - so end up buying just a cheap(er) salad or something! A ex-mate of mine [Stefan Neale - oops!] was an expert at this...
  • Dave
    We had a mate that used to always avoid buying a round until last, then he used to miss the second set of rounds. he sits alone at home now as we don't invite him out anymore. You soon spot the tight fisted gits, for the sake of a few beers is it worth it? Try persuading everyone to go into a kitty, all throw in some cash and drink roughly the same drink, saves so much hassle. Plus with the same person going to the bar all of the time, the staff soon get to know them and they get served much quicker. Have a few beers at someone's house first, this will save you a decent wedge. I had to sit and listen to someone moan about a couples night out at a restaurant last week. Seems most people ordered expensive and the rest had to pay when they all threw in the same amount for the bill. What is the problem with simply telling people that you pay for what you eat or ask for separate bills? I'd much rather do that than be involved in all the back stabbing and moaning later on because someone paid £5 less than they should have.
  • Professorcocktricks
    I just pretend I lost my wallet all the time..
  • Gary g.
    I too occupied with shagging kids to go out to be honest. Saves money on grown up hookers, when you factor in a bag of fruit pastels costs about £1.50 and the local snatch would charge the obscene amount of £50 for the job.
  • AB
    Posted by Gary glitter | July 19th, 2009 at 4:34 pm I too occupied with shagging kids to go out to be honest. Saves money on grown up hookers, when you factor in a bag of fruit pastels costs about £1.50 and the local snatch would charge the obscene amount of £50 for the job. DISGUSTING... £1.50 for a big bag of fruit pastels, you've been robbed mate!
  • matt b.
    Best advice I can offer? If you have no sense of social etiquette, don't write a guide for social behaviour.
  • Dave S.
    Here's how to save money, don't be a sheep and go out just because everyone else is and if you're not out everyone will think you're sad. You don't need to get pissed up at the end of the week, people do this becasue that's all they have in their sad pathetic little lives. Get dressed up like a twat, tight jeans, plimsoles, stupd t shirt scarf, crap hair -do Go out, act like a nob, get pissed spew after 2 pints get the shit kicked out of you becasue you were mouthy to someone bigger than you becasue you've had 2 pints and you think you're great and want to impress your mates, go home spew, sleep, spew, wake up miday, spew, feel shit for the rest of the day, go and spend money on more crap clothes to go out and be a nob once more next weekend, the cycle never endith, do something more worthwhile with your life and money you fucking tits.
  • Ben
    "Dave Smith's mid life crisis" - For those who want to save money, maybe buy a round later on, there's always at least one lightweight which means one drink less (usually me, admittedly). But don't get so preoccupied with saving money that you sacrifice having a good time with your mates!
  • James
    POINT 2: is a disadvantage. should they be drunk enough to forget that you weren't there all along then you may be forced to pay a bigger fraction of the bill....thus making you lose money!

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