Student Loans Company in gigantic email balls-up

An outraged student, this morning

The Student Loans Company (SLC) has apologised for mistakenly sending the email addresses of thousands of students to the wrong recipients.

The SLC said the addresses were included in an email sent to “other customers,” but they couldn't go into any more details about who those customers were. The mistake has been put down to an administrative error, which means some office temp is probably getting hauled over hot coals after being given a job without sufficient training from some sneering jobsworth.

“We have contacted all customers affected to let them know about this issue,” the SLC said. “The integrity and security of student accounts and the protection of personal information is vital to us and we apologise to all of the students involved.”

It has been reported that around 8,000 students were affected by this breach. 7,998 of them didn't open the letter in case it was a bailiff notice and the other two have already used the correspondence as roaching material.

The Information Commissioner’s Office said it was looking into the matter. “We have recently been made aware of a possible data breach which appears to involved the Student Loans Company. We will be making enquiries into the circumstances of the alleged breach of the Data Protection Act before deciding what action, if any, needs to be taken.”


  • Razor
    Roach material from an email? You're getting old, far too old! Anyway, I blame Neil, fecking hippy!
  • Tom
    If anyone wants the list then PM me :p On a sidenote, I feel extremely annoyed that my e-mail address is now known by 8000 other people. I doubt anything will come of it but it is a monumental cock-up.
  • Ole S.
    Students don't skin up any more, it's all about the miaow miaow, nkat and all the other chemicals. Getting the hydro chronic is tough with the cops snatching nuff crops nowadays. When was the last time you smelt 'erb at a festival, or at least to the extent you used to only a few years ago????
  • klingelton
    @ Ole S'cool - translation needed... also, can you speak up. My hearing aid is playing up. Where's my walking stick?
  • Dick
    Most of them will be using facebook anyway, and have given much much more away in the past.

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