Shoddy Santander pledge to try and improve service

santander_logoSantander - the worst bank in the UK - have unsurprisingly been subject to a fair amount of your complaints. They've been shoddy and generally rubbish, appearing on Watchdog with Anne Robinson flashing shit-eating grins.

And now, the company's new UK chief executive Ana Patricia Botin is flashing her teeth at the whole of the UK, giving a nervous thumbs-up and saying 'WE CAN BE BETTER! HONEST!'

In her inaugural public appearance in the UK, Botin told MPs on the Treasury Select Committee that sorting out the state of their awful customer service was one of her priorities since taking on the job. Santander have been dishing out rubbish service because they've been spending all their time trying to integrate the Alliance & Leicester and Abbey brands.

All the while, they were notching up and impressive 216,158 complaints in the first six months of 2010. Amazing. The FSA cracked their knuckles and couldn't wait to start slapping the bank about when they started to amass unsatisfied customers.

Apparently, Botin told MPs that service was "beginning to improve" and that the hiring 1,000 new staff would help to rectify some of the problems the company currently has. That said, a huge recruitment push at one local branch has yet to see anyone actually being offered a start-date for work, which doesn't bode well.

This latest round of bad-press probably won't be the last for Santander.


  • anon
    I work for Santander Head Office. It's fair to say customer service has been less than satisfactory. There is a lot of noise in the company about improving customer service but in truth nobody knows how to rectify the situation. It's been about expansion and growing the branch network which is a directive straight out of Madrid, because that's how things work in Spain. A lot of bad news isn't circulated within the company so there's been a lot of sticking of heads in the sand. Genuinely this can become a good UK bank and has the means to give people great customer service it's just a culture shift needed to get there.
  • The B.
    [...] worst bank in the country after receiving over 200,000 complaints in six months. They subsequently promised to try harder and do better by their customers. So over to you, avid readers – are Santander getting it right [...]
  • Anon
    Think of the staff who have to put it with the complaints. They are human just like the customers complaining to them. So let's cut some slack here... If you think about it Santander has rescued 4 financial institutions in recent years: Abbey, B&B, A&L, now RBS. This is a BIG ship that has in turn rescued many jobs and people's home lives, many sons and daughters will not realise how close their parents came to losing their job which has a natural progressive impact on work & family life. Please put the past in the past and help rather than hinder with silly blogs that cause more harm than good. I think we forget sometimes that you may be attacking the bank with slander, however you are also attacking innocent members of staff who have probably only recently adjusted to the new ways of Santander.

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