Panic at the Bureau de Change

26 February 2013

Travellers who are concerned about how many pints they’ll get for their Euros in Faliraki have been dashing down to the Bureau de Change to stock up, it’s been revealed today.

Thanks to the piss weak pound, sales of euros at Travelex have been three times higher in the last few days, as people rush to stockpile foreign cash before the pound gets any worse.
International Currency Exchange also reported an 800 per cent increase in the amount of US dollars being loaded on their Traveller’s Cashcard.

But those with no faith in the GREAT BRITISH POUND may be left with a (smaller) pile of woe. Despite falling to its lowest level for 3 years yesterday against the dollar and a 16-month low against the euro, it went on to beat all those other crappy currencies and came back fighting, with bloody knuckles and only a small rip in its Union Jack boxer shorts.

So will you be buying euros and dollars in advance? Or are you going to leave your hard earned holiday in the hands of the stock market gods?

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  • Tweedskin
    "You're Ouuuuuutttttt......."
  • Griddle
    It's Hennetty's fault

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