One in four of us feel less secure in our jobs

Despite the economic recovery that everyone is being told is happening, a survey by Legal and General has shown that 4 in 10 of us feel even less job security now than they did at the height of the recession.


Perhaps as a result of being battered round the head continuously for the past few years with frozen wages, high cost of living and dismantled public services, it seems that it’ll take more than some blah blah-ing about economic recovery to help us feel better.

L&G’s Job Security Index revealed that only 1 in 10 workers felt more secure in their job since economic growth returned, compared to 37% who said they felt more insecure. 46% of people said that the economic climate had nothing to do with their job security – but they probably filled in that box really quickly while they were busy slopping out pigs/working in Greggs.

Mark Holweger from Legal and General said:

‘It’s interesting to see that despite the reports of green shoots in our national economy, and significantly lower unemployment rates in recent months, this hasn’t quite filtered through into how many UK workers feel about their own job. It’s clear that it will take time for economic improvements to result directly in increased confidence.’

Maybe it’s because we’re still not seeing any MONEY and we're living on Fray Bentos pies from Poundland?


  • klingelton
    one in four. one in ten. four in ten... Are these figures plucked out of a trolley that's been on a webpage for far too long?
  • shiftynifty
    Economic recovery is not going to happen any time soon...1 in 10 UB40 Styleee
  • Han S.
    Do you feel secure in your job cutting and pasting stories Lucy?
  • Fanjita V.
    You call this a job!?
  • Dick
    1 in 10 feels more secure in their job, as they made up a story about 4 in 10 of their co-workers nicking stuff from work and grassed them up to the boss.

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