Now even COINS have to be sexy

Before the whole Jane Austen banknote debacle, nobody really considered pictures on money as being a contentious issue involving rape/bomb threats. ‘Bonneted slaaaaaag!’ cried little trolls who can’t read. ‘What’s she done apart from writing hugely influential comic social satire? I’m gunna send her a threatenin' tweet as soon as my mum goes to Asda!’


Now it seems that things are heating up at the Royal Mint, too, with the introduction of a redesigned, bare breasted Britannia.

The Royal Mint say that one in four Britons wouldn’t know Britannia if she speared them with her fork and put them on the BBQ, so they commissioned sculptor Robert Hunt to give her an extra lease of life - and a free ranging left breast. Robert Hunt thinks it symoblises the nurturing side of womanhood, along with ‘unashamed beauty and strength.’ Others think it’s all a bit Katie Price with a trident and an owl.

Of course, it’s completely unsexy - unless you have an owl fetish – and the bare breast is just a common or garden Greek mythology boob. But as we’re British, it's bound to cause a snigger amongst teenage boys looking for 'wankspiration.'

Prices for the Britannia coin start at £39 for two silver coins, and £100 for a gold one. I wonder whether they'll come in modesty bags?


  • badger
    Her left boob is bigger than her right one, she appears to be pregnant (well that might help make them bigger), has Vin Diesel's neck, and has her right hand inside an owl puppet. Job done.
  • jt
    What has an owl got to do with Britannia? Surely that is Minerva/Athena?
  • Justin A.
    I think either teenage boys are being underestimated here, or the coin's attraction is being overestimated.
  • Natty
    ^ Yep a Greek symbol of wisdom that is mostly considered a symbol of stupidity or evil in the rest of the world, even here for a period. Way to go Royal Mint and Robert Hunt...
  • Counting C.
    [...] UK – women on coins [...]
  • Dr B.
    The hedgerows of this country will be full of discarded and slighty sticky Britannia coins.
  • t4v
    That's one DAMN sexy owl!
  • fibbingarchie
    Look at the face on it. Looks more like a dude to me...a dude with moobs.

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