Local bank in an advert? Yeah right!

Nat West's rubbish complaints department, yesterday

Yesterday we told you about companies inventing farms to make us buy into a homely notion of their premium grub. Well, would you believe us if we told you that the banks are doing it as well? And the banking world has been so good to us lately too!

NatWest have been running a series of adverts which paint a picture of them providing a service in rural areas, presumably in an attempt to convince us all that they care for customers, no matter where they live. However, while they're shilling this notion, they're actually closing branches across the country, particularly those in rural areas. In fact, they're gunning for more inner-city branches instead.

Thanks to this, complaints made to the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) have been upheld, leaving the bank with the task of changing its marketing claims.

The watchdog said the bank’s advertising gave a clear impression that it would protect the last branch in any town and therefore the decision to close various rural branches was at odds with this.

Campaign for Community Banking director, Derek French, said: ‘This problem goes well beyond RBS-NatWest. Most of the banks have some sort of pledge that they are supporting local communities by keeping branches open, but the reality is very different.

‘The Government has concentrated on bankers’ bonuses, lending to small businesses and improving the ability to switch accounts, but it has failed to give the need to protect the branch network sufficient priority.’


  • Chewbacca
    "However, while they’re shilling this notion, they’re actually closing branches across the country, particularly those in rural areas. In fact, they’re gunning for more inner-city branches instead." That made bugger all sense. You really need a proof reader.
  • callum
    They aren't the most eloquent sentences I've ever seen, but it most certainly makes sense. "While they are promoting this notion, they are actually closing branches across the country - particularly in rural areas. In fact, they are aiming to open more inner-city branches instead.
  • Dick
    To me, the gunning part meant they were "aiming to close" - ie. shooting them down. So it did not make sense to me either.

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