Halifax reshuffle sees you stuck in Post Office queues


Are you a customer with the Halifax? Then you'll be delighted to learn that they're giving you the chance to queue up in somewhere marginally worse than one of their branches.

Yep. Savings and banking customers will be able to deposit cash and cheques at 12,000 Post Offices very soon. How thrilling!

LloydsTSB, who own Halifax's arse, are claiming that they are still committed to the branch network (it owns a quarter of all UK bank branches), however, they are phasing out independent agencies this autumn.

Apparently, you The Customer, who have been using one of the 265 Halifax independents are around two miles away from a Halifax or LloydsTSB branch, so quit yer moaning. Failing that, you can go to a Post Office.

"Two-thirds of our agency customers have been using the service for savings accounts, so will not be affected in the same way as those who use their bank for day-to-day banking," said a LloydsTSB spokesperson speaking to The Guardian. The agencies are typically located within an estate agent, solicitor or insurance agent's premises.

Halifax will now begin writing to customers to explain the changes and advise them of the location of their nearest branch and Post Office. Not that you'll read the letter. You'll probably just shred the thing without even opening it once you feel the weight of it and decide that it isn't a statement.

David Nicholson, managing director of Halifax Community Bank, added: "We have thought very carefully about the potential impact today's announcement of the phased closure programme may have on our agency customers. We have deliberately strengthened our relationship with the Post Office to increase the range of transactions Halifax customers can carry out. For the first time, customers will be able to make deposits into their account by visiting the Post Office."

Whilst this won't register on the radar of most bankers, just remember that, next time you need to pick something up from the Post Office, it'll probably be 60 deep at the bar, so it might be worth taking a week off work and having a sleeping bag handy if you need to post any parcels off. Happy days.


  • Nobby
    Hey hey. Put on a funny accent. Can I put deposit in accunt please missus?
  • The B.
    Every time I go to any Halifax branch it's got a queue half a mile long full of senile old ladies and people to whom English is a 5th language, the counter staff seem to think that they're there to have a conversation and a bit of rest, the whole thing smacks of a dinosaur that should have died a long time ago, I really should leave but the hassle of transferring my DD's, standing orders, the effect on my credit rating and the fact that I'm lazy stand in my way.
  • Spark
    I absolutely FUCKING hate the Halifax with a fiery passion.
  • Ced D.
    The Singing Postman, Allan Smethurst, (illustrated above) died recently aged 73. He spent the last 20 years of his life in a Salvation Army hostel in Grimsby, Lincolnshire and died a pauper. That is a fitting end, not to a much loved humourist who brought pleasure to millions, but to the scumbag bosses at Halifax/LloydsTSB. A curse on all their houses!
  • Milky
    he's from round our way & he did have webbed fingers & neck-gills for swimming ala "the man from Atlantis" in the fen drains.. Fame hit him hard, all the fete openings went to his head & he went eventually went feral in the late 1970's with occasion sightings around Grunty fen. He was last seen early one morning gnawing ferociously on a floating coypu trap in the 1980's where he was lured with cheese as bait. presumably thereafter he was humanely disposed of, whether for crimes against the music industry or alledged with coypu* said a source close to him, we shall never know!
  • Nobby
    If he was much loved and brought pleaseure to millions, but died a pauper then he either had crap business sense and didn't make money out of his popularity or he spent all the money he did make. Either way, fuck him.
  • Peter F.
    What a load of rubbish the above comments are. They all need to get a life and drink Guinness like I do

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