Claw back quids with these utility tips

29 May 2009

Daily Telegraph journalist Kara Gammell has been on a mission to save ££££s on her utility bills, and has turned her mission into an elongated advice piece that might give some of you tips on how to be more energy efficient.

Some of it is standard common sense guff (insulate your home better, use energy-saving light bulbs) but there are one or two nuggets of info that could genuinely help you, particularly with regard to water wastage. “We were literally flushing our money down the drain” roars Kara. No you weren’t, not unless you were taking tenners and stuffing them down the bog.

Our uncertainty over Kara’s credibility increased when she admits that it took herself and her partner an age to find the gas meter in order to stop relying on estimated readings. Guess what – it was under the stairs all the time! Doh! Because you’d never think of looking there for a gas meter – here at BW HQ, ours is suspended in a massive strawberry jelly in the middle of the fridge.

Anyway, bitching over – check out the piece here and you might save a few bob. And by all means, argue with Kara’s tips and throw us a few of your own.


  • Hairy S.
    Come on, somebody could have warned me that Nobbys post was deleted. Now i just look like a foulmouthed c4nt.
  • G
    nice to see the raisin tap making another appearance.

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