Barclays cut jobs and send them to India

barclays_bank_limitedBankers are the most unpopular people in Europe at the moment and every single time they announce something, it only serves to make everyone more annoyed.

And now, Barclays are the latest to stick a handful of flies in our already fly-laden ointment as they announce that they're going to cut loads of jobs in Britain and send them to India.

The bank are cutting a further 285 jobs on top of 1,000 cuts they announced last week, shipping call-centre jobs and back office roles to India. This, of course, has sent officials at Unite into a bug-eyed anger.

Rob MacGregor, Unite national officer says: "At this time of economic uncertainty, why isn't this UK finance company doing all it can support its workforce in the UK, not telling them their work will now be done in India. Unite will now be challenging Barclays to ensure that the bank offers redeployment opportunities for all those impacted by the decision."

Jobs will be lost across the country in Northampton,  Teesside and Merseyside. Barclaycard have stated that these roles will be offshored to India, where the bank has operations in Chennai and Mumbai.

Barclaycard said: "The proposed changes are being made as part of Barclaycard's ongoing programme of improving day-to-day operational efficiency so that it can re-invest in continuing to deliver good value products and innovative services to its customers".

Of course, one thing that doesn't look like it'll be affected is the bonuses received at the top of the Barclays pyramid. The unrelenting shithouses.


  • Alexis
    Great, another bank where you have to somebody calling themselves Clive but can't hear a damn thing because the line is so quiet and crackly. Just like HSBC then.
  • chris
    Having used Barclays current 'customer service' I can't see how it could get any worse. That said, most of the contact I've had before has been to their foreign call centers where the operatives never have the full up-to-date information in front of them and seem more interested in selling you new services than helping you with the problems you have. Its woeful, as is their childish refusal to give out direct dial number to individual branches. In fact, which was the bank advertising it only uses UK call centers again?
  • Bob S.
    I wish to be serving you and building you customers serving offerings. I do all codes much cheapness and plenty quickness Thankyou please
  • Brad
    Usually I never was that bothered about the call center things until ive had to use a few recently! Im seriously thinking about moving to someone who dont use these mind numbingly painful foreign call centers. You either cant hear them clearly, dont understand what is actually said and you always seem to have that nagging feeling that what you just did or asked for isnt going to happen (Which it didnt once!) But then again someone will call you a racist or some such nonsense.
  • Nob
    I agree with Brad. If India wants to host these call centres, then they should make sure that kids from a young age in India are punished unless they speak with a British accent. They can aspire to be call centre operatives of the future.
  • Mark C.
    Having worked with overseas call centres in the past, there's nothing wrong with the idea of them until companies decide to make the cheap option even cheaper still by not investing anything in staff training, in recruiting people with a clear speaking voice and no strong accent (which is just as applicable to a call centre in Rochdale as it is to Mumbai), and in training enough supervisors so that problems that are off the script can be easily escalated. Compressing the shit out of the signal to save on call charges doesn't help either, and is a bit of a liberty when you're charging people premium rates for your customer service lines.
  • GR
    All our operations staff got fired to send the work to India, they are mindless, useless robots.
  • Nob
    > and no strong accent (which is just as applicable to a call centre in Rochdale as it is to Mumbai) Too right. A few years ago Irish call centres were popular, and I couldn't understand half the micks that answered the phones.
  • ShakesHeadSadly
    Urm... This post starts as a rant at baclays, but then turns into a rant at barclaycard??? Which is it that are offshoring?? The two are very separate companies y'know.
  • Barclays I.
  • Time o.
    Always said i would change banks if this happened, and i will be true to my word, so long Barclay's after 28yrs of banking with you. at least they have spare cash to pay out massive bonuses.
  • JIm l.
    what a mess - my wife and I cannot understand a bloody word they are saying and they seem to be making the rules up as they go along. Accent so heavy it could be air bubbling in a fish tank. What happened to the friendly bank clerk in the high street. Santandar have it right, bring the work back home where it is done properly.
  • sasguru
    Change banks, how complicated is it for you stupid British people?

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