Aviva fires over 1,300 workers by mistake like massive idiots

aviva-logoAviva have dropped a bollock so large that more than 1,300 got fired on Friday. Workers at Aviva Investors (the insurer's asset management wing) got to work on Friday and got a rather surprising and upsetting email from the HR department telling them that a P45 would be winging its way to them.

However, Aviva didn't mean to send the email to all those people as it was intended for one unlucky sod. Needlessly, the thousand-plus members of staff were instructed to hand over company property and security passes on their way out of the building as well as submitting all their company passwords.

The brusque email read: "I am required to remind you of your contractual obligations to the company you are leaving. You have an obligation to retain any confidential information pertaining to Aviva Investors operations, systems and clients," before adding "I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and wish you all the best for the future."

Along came a grovelling email from HR apologising for the blanket boob.

This came after an announcement from Andrew Moss, chief executive of Aviva, who said that the board needed an overhaul, but alas, not a shake-up as large as firing over one thousand members of staff.

Aviva have apologised and, presumably, the person who the email was meant for has still been sacked and all this is of absolutely no consolation to them.


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    Guess not...
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    Make that 1,301 redundant.
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    Bit of a non-story here. The email wasn't telling people they were fired. Presumably no company sacks anybody by email. It was a reminder to an employee who had already been told he was sacked what he needs to do when he leaves.
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